New Business Ideas: Smart Cab Services

New Business Ideas: Smart Cab Services

In the urban jungle we live and work in, cabs are the preferred way to all our destinations for many people. Cab usage continues to grow despite the various alternatives, and entrepreneurs in major cities of the world are creating waves in the cab industry with their bold new visions of taxi transport:

  • Worried that your teenage son might drink and drive? Eliminate your worries by purchasing the Get Home Free prepaid cab card for him. Available in Minneapolis suburbs, Get Home Free is a flat rate prepaid card targeted at teenagers and college students who have been drinking or simply have met with car trouble. Just ring the Get Home Free hotline and a cab is immediately dispatched to get the card holder back home safely.
  • In the online web 2.0 world, it’s no surprise that you can order a cab online. (pictured above) claims to be the first one-stop online shop for scheduling taxi cabs. How it works: surf to the website, choose pickup and drop off locations, and the service will have a ride dispatched. Like all e-commerce shops, you can pay direct on the website with a credit card.
  • Pink Ladies is a private car hire franchise in London that only caters to women passengers. The all-female drivers drive the luxury Renault Kangoos vehicles and pick up their female customers who sign up as members (membership benefits included) and pay via credit card or a ‘pink account’. Pink Ladies aims to offer security and peace of mind to female customers who want a safe ride home from secluded places.
  • In Liverpool, tech firm Crane Dragon has a taxi service that allows travellers to get a cab via SMS, and then share the journey with other passengers going to the same area. You can use the ‘Texxi’ service by sending your house postcode to the Texxi SMS number. All passengers wanting to go to the same area will be aggregated and you will then receive the confirmed taxi’s number as well as a pre-determined gathering point where the cab will show up.

What other innovative taxi services and solutions have you seen in your country?

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