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Ten Must-Have Tech Tools for 2008

iPhone for 2008Every year I compile a list of 10 “must have” technology tools and services that every well-equipped entrepreneur needs.  I like to have fun with the list, too.   This year, the iPhone tops my list — for pure enjoyment of use.

And when I say tools, I don’t mean just gadgets and equipment.  Actually, I find that like most entrepreneurs and business owners, I make greater use of today’s services, especially free or low-cost online services or software-as-a-service, rather than constantly throwing money at the latest gadgets.  So I usually include several services.

I also include at least one item that is relatively low tech but enhances our use of technology.  This year I included those purse organizer inserts — gentlemen don’t laugh!  They come in manly colors and can be used in briefcases and carry-on luggage just as easily as in a woman’s purse. 

Check out the entire list of 10 Must-Have Tech Tools for 2008, published as my column this month at Inc Technology