What Does Technology Have In Store For 2008?

What technology is a “must have” and what technology is a waste of time and money? And how do you choose the technology that’s right for you and your business? What new technology trends can we look forward to in 2008?

Ramon Ray


In this special edition of Small Business Trends Radio, tech gurus Ramon Ray, Editor of Small Biz Technology, and Brent Leary, Host of Business Technology Radio, provide their insight into the hot trends in technology for you and your small business in 2008.

Several of the questions answered are: JumpUp

  • What developments we can look forward to with software-on-demand;
  • Which CRM programs are good for small businesses;
  • Where we are headed with wireless services and some new ones we might expect to see;
  • As content is pushed off the hard drive and onto the Internet, what will become of the PC? (It may surprise you.)

If you want to learn more about existing technologies, Ramon and Brent shed some light on the subject for you in this insightful and informative special edition interview.

Want to see what’s in store for 2008? Click the player (red and yellow arrow) below and have a listen.


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