New Business Ideas: New e-Shopping Ways

ClayValetElectronic commerce has come a long way since the granddaddy of all online stores,, started selling books over the Internet way back in 1995. Since then, the Web has continued to evolve, with new ways and methods of selling goods and services online developed by online stores.

We’ve spotted these new e-commerce ideas lately which deserve a mention for their innovative thinking:

  • Everybody loves a good deal, but tracking coupon-based discounts can be time consuming. Here comes new coupon aggregator site The website targets popular apparel, consumer electronic and flower and gift brands, serving consumers by compiling online discounts for hundreds of retailers in one location.
  • Clayvalet (pictured above) is a Seattle-based startup on a mission to simplify the way people find products online. At ClayValet, real people research your shopping inquiries. The company’s shoppers scour the Internet to find the best products at the best prices, and you receive a free personalized report with product recommendations, expert opinions, customer reviews and links to purchase within 24 hours of your request.
  • With the popularity of social networking sites these days, it seems that an online store that combines e-commerce, social networking and instant messaging would be a winner. Buddy Shopping allows consumers to shop for products online simultaneously with friends in real-time. With their special software, online shoppers can lead or follow friends in co-browsing sessions.
  • How many of you have gone ahead to buy that plasma TV, only to find out that it’s cheaper by 500 bucks at a sale 3 days later? Let protect you. On the website, online shoppers can enter the URL of the product from the retailer’s online store and will track its price. If the product you’re eyeing gets cheaper, the service will email you a notice.

Do you have any smart, brilliant ideas about e-commerce and online stores?

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  1. How about another way of getting a good deal: researching the price and making an informed decision before you buy.

    My website allows you to research your price beforehand. It also has the ability to send emails if the price drops. changes their prices often. A good example is this drill press. My website allows you to see the price history.

  2. ClayValet is a good concept. I don’t know how many hours I have spent researching. It would be nice to have someone else do the leg work for me.

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  4. Like shopping with my friends, so the Buddy Shopping sounds great. All four are thumbs up!
    Thanks to Brett and Marc for the intro’s.

  5. Great ideas for comparison shopping – will pass this along to my spouse who happens to be a power shopper online.
    thanks for the tips
    Website Business Broker

  6. Came across this site on a google search and man I have to say, you are doing great! Keep it up and good luck.

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