Who Did You Just Hire?

Just finished a laborious recruitment process have you? And you’re tickled that you’ve found the ideal candidate right? Or did you. . . .?

I’m sure that many of us have heard horror stories regarding employees who did a good job hiding past indiscretions, from their youth or otherwise, that may have affected their chances of landing employment within your organization or company – had it been known.

Robert Morris on Who Did You Just Hire?Robert Morris, Founder and Chairman of The In-House Group joined us on Small Business Trends Radio this week to discuss tactics that you can use to help you during the recruitment process. He provided insights into the following: JumpUp

  • The importance of a reference check;
  • Key questions designed to ensure honesty and integrity;
  • Triggers that immediately signal trouble on the application;
  • Recognition of evasive behaviors and the “honest criminal” syndrome.

Robert Morris is the Founder of The In-House Group, a provider of security and investigative services such as background checks and screening. He also has 18 years of experience in private investigation and is a part-time police officer.

Robert has provided a guideline for our listeners that provides a detailed outline of steps to minimize surprises concerning your employees.

If you’d like to download Robert’s FREE Safe Hiring Guideline, please visit the page below:
Safe Hiring Guideline

To listen to Robert’s interview, click the red box with the yellow arrow below:


Staci Wood After being a 20+ year member of "the rat race," Staci traded in her office, opted out, and joined the virtual world and the Small Business Trends community. Staci is the Chief Operations Officer for Small Business Trends, LLC and has 18 years of experience with the company. She is responsible for client relations, marketing and branding, web page development and user experience.

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  1. Good article… a good employment screening company or website is always the way to go

  2. I understand the concern about hiring an honest employee, but how many honest employees were burned by Enron, Worldcom, and Adephia? Is senior management exempt from the scrutiny that a rank and file employee is subject to?

  3. John, I hear you. Senior management is NOT exempt from honesty and integrity.

    But that should be a matter for THEIR bosses, who are the Board of Directors. So the real question is, why aren’t the Boards of Directors doing a better job?

    Every time I turn on CNBC and hear about another outrageous severance package for an executive who drove a business into the ground, as a shareholder I am appalled ….


  4. John is right! Candidates go through heavy scrutinizing, but what about the hiring manager or the people you might be working with. Background checks and references need to be done on hiring managers and some of the people already working in the company. The interview process is too onesided and leads to too many unhappy new hires. After the last ‘new-hire lunch’ and you start seeing the real group of people you hired into, you feel duped. And what about identity theft when so many companies fail to protect personal information. For every background check, that’s just one more company getting their questionable hands on your personal information. And background companies are popping up everywhere – it’s big business because so many companies can’t get their HR departments to do the job they should be doing. And doesn’t HR usually know who makes up the problem managers and departments? And doesn’t the Board of Directors know which departments are poorly performing – no matter who they hire? Start providing that information to candidates. With so many books and articles on bad bosses it’s only too bad that they don’t name names and companies.

  5. I can understand and appreciate the importance of going through all the steps to make sure the candidate you have hired is the right one for your company. Hiring mistakes can be very costly to a small business.

  6. Ineed a contact phone number for Robert Morris.

    Thank you.