Behind the Marketing Tips Project

Market Your Business - Marketing TipsA little over a week ago I introduced the new Marketing Tips section here at Small Business Trends.

Brent Leary, host of Business for Technology $ake, had me on his radio show on WCFO over the weekend in the Atlanta area.  In the interview I gave the inside story about how the Marketing Tips section came about.  Here are some other points we discussed:

  • How we came up with the idea for the Best Kept Marketing Secrets article and the other ones to go in the Marketing Tips section, and how it fits in with our 2008 goals.
  • How Seth Godin managed to snag the top spot in the article with his tip.
  • How Dan Perry gave a one sentence tip in the comments section that captured attention (and got him mentioned on radio, I might add) — proving you don’t have to be long, just pithy.
  • How HP is supporting this new section and how their support enabled me to hire some independent contractors to help with the section — spreading the love around to other small businesses

Interestingly, for all the comments that article is getting — it even spawned a similar roundup for the tourism industry —  from my traffic stats I see that the logo design article actually is getting more pageviews.  Not as many comments, but right now the logo design article is the single most popular article here on the site and in the RSS feed.  I guess it just goes to show, comments are only one dimension of popularity. That’s good news, because I’ll be making a fun announcement about logo design to involve you, very soon.

Meanwhile, have a listen to my interview with Brent.  Click on the red and yellow player below — it’s about 18 minutes long.


Anita Campbell Anita Campbell is the Founder, CEO and Publisher of Small Business Trends and has been following trends in small businesses since 2003. She is the owner of BizSugar, a social media site for small businesses.

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  1. Wow, my first radio mention; thanks!

    Thanks so much for recognizing the value in comments!

  2. Great to hear how things are evolving here. I also enjoy hearing Anita being interviewed instead of doing the interviews.

  3. Congrats Dan! It’s very exciting to see a mention on someone elses site. As long as it’s something positive, right?

  4. Dan Perry:

    Hole in one! I am thinking of starting to learn how to golf when I am back in the USA. I played tennis in my teens (during the Bjorn Borg era…;) and then I trained self-defense called jiu-jitsu for a couple of years. I have to get back in some type of sport activity and I think golf could the perfect match.

    Anita: It was interesting to listen to your answers. How did if feel to sit on the other side of the table? [“Editor’s” note to Anita: Be prepared to participate in a future EGO podcast / talk radio show… ;)]

    All the Best,

    P.S. The Marketing TIps blog post is blended well in the mixx… 16 votes so far:

  5. Excellent interview and congrats to Dan. Just goes to show the value of a comment for everyone. And the logo design article was a really thorough and comprehensive aricle. I’m sure that many out there are finding a lot of value in that piece – I know I did, and if you haven’t read it yet – be sure to check it out.

  6. Thumbs Up Dan! I’m sure your father is very proud.

  7. Anita: When will you put the whole document (pdf?) together? At a certain numbers of tips or on specific end date? I look forward to the next episodes of the HP series for small business companies.

  8. Stronghold Crusader Extreme

    i see this is great tips, i like them 🙂