New Business Ideas: The New Tourism

Hurricane Katrina

Tourists used to be content with just sightseeing around the various places of attraction in the countries they happen to be visiting. With changing consumer demands and heightened industry competition, tourism players around the world are getting more innovative in their business approach. We’ve seen a few fresh tourism themes and concepts sprouting up around the world that deserve special mention:

  • If you’re traveling in Rome, you might want to sign up for “sightjogging” to please the fitness-conscious athlete in you. Sightjogging offers visitors a chance to put on their jogging shoes and take a guided tour of Rome’s main attractions. Multilingual trainers will meet you at your hotel and take you jogging along predefined routes based on your interests (be it artistic, historic or naturalistic).
  • Jogging not your cup of tea? Then check out “devastation tourism” with bus tour operator Gray Line New Orleans. The company’s new idea is a
    3-hour “Hurricane Katrina — America’s Worst Catastrophe” tour of
    the hurricane devastation of 2005. Tour route includes visits to Canal Street, the Superdome, and some of the neighborhoods affected badly by the disaster.
  • Want to visit the Colorado mountain range, but too worried to leave behind the baby? The Colorado Mountain Mamas hiking club is an ideal solution for mommies who want to go hiking with their babies on board. Each hike is led by an experienced guide certified in CPR and trained to take special care of the mom and toddlers. There are also special trail experiences designed to engage babies in the discovery of the outdoors.

Have you taken part in any interesting, unusual tourism activities? Have they triggered ideas for new business opportunities?

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  1. My friend Lee Sandstead has an uplifting activity similar to the Colorado Mountain Mamas. Lee Sandstead is an art historian and has a guided tour for mothers called, NYC Stroller Moms:

    For more information on Lee Sandstead, click on the link and read my blog post, Lee Sandstead in Gothenburg.

    Best Premises,

    Martin Lindeskog – American in Spirit.
    Gothenburg, Sweden.

  2. Great article!

    I love to read about unique and innovative marketing practices. I am not sure that I would want to partake in ‘devastation tourism’ 🙂 but I am sure it has a niche of enthusiastic tourists to back it!

    I wonder if in the future, emerging tourist destinations will create new attractions to boost visitors….the cities themselves, I mean. That would certainly be interesting to see a little competition between destinations!

  3. If I were visiting New Orleans, I would definitely take that tour. It’s hard to really visualize the devistation on tv and would really like to see it in person to get the whole effect. I think it’s a great way to boost their tourism and make people appreciate how lucky they are.

  4. is this idea realised in some form? i want to find some examples ’cause i want to launch similar project in my country. thanx)

  5. i belong to udaipur(rajasthan), India. udaipur generates maximum part of its revenue from tourism .i m looking for new business ideas to start with in my city.
    that would be kind of you if you could help me in that.

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