New Business Ideas: Wacky Gizmos

Jelly Click Talk about gadgets, and everybody is after the same things: the latest, the fastest, most powerful, most advanced, etc.

Yet makers of gizmos and gadgets are looking into fresh ways to make geeky consumers get excited about their products. They are increasingly incorporating unusual, wacky and maybe even fun ideas into their gadgets.

Let’s have a look at some interesting ideas:

  • The Jelly Click inflatable mouse (pictured above) is a godsend for travelers who have to pack tons of gadgetry into their luggage and gadget bags. Save yourself that extra bit of space for your beloved iPod by flattening the Jelly Click before stuffing it into your bag. Just remember to inflate it up for use later.
  • Fancy an USB-powered massage while at work? The USB Far Infra-Red Pad is powered from a spare USB port, and it claims to emit infrared light onto your arms, back or biceps to remove the weariness and leave you revitalized after a long day at the computer desk. Compact and lightweight, you can get it from US$21.99.
  • Another USB-inspired idea, the USB calculator mouse might prove useful for all you business executives who are always poring over spreadsheets and crunching numbers. It’s a useful device for laptop users especially who don’t have a user-friendly keypad. Priced at £14.95, this integrated calculator mouse shows you the results of your calculations instantly without having to run additional apps to crunch your numbers.
  • The next idea is somewhat ridiculous, but Hello Kitty’s fans could be interested in it. The USB Kitty is a watch-cat for your computer. It comes with two infrared sensors to help alert any intruders by shaking its head and producing many different sounds. Helpful perhaps in warning people to leave your PC alone when you’re away for a bathroom  break.

What other unusual gadget ideas can you think of or have seen lately? Share them with us!

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  1. Steven,

    I also liked the USB Aroma & Radio Speaker that is on the same site with the USB kitty. Really great idea to have a soothing scent around you while you work on the computer.

  2. The UBS calculator mouse sound like a pretty neat gadget—I love anything that does what it says it does.

  3. As a cat fan, I have to get the USB Kitty! 😉 You could get all kinds of stuff from Asia. I remember the huge trade catalogs from Hong Kong Trade Council during my time as small importer of 3.5″ floppy disks and other computer peripherals.

  4. Well done with providing all the gizmos gadgets information, it has been so helpful.. I enjoyed to look at your website