Helps You Discover New Blogs is a new human-edited blog directory. It can help you discover new blogs. And it is a place to list your blog.

It is organized according to subjects: technology, Internet (TechCrunch is #1), entertainment, business and small business (Small Business Trends is #1 in both categories), shopping (Engadget is #1), and other categories. It is easy to navigate and find blogs, with a nice clean interface.

Andres Lopez of said in an email interview:

“All too often when you search for blogs on the net, you come across pages that haven’t been updated in months, sites with confusing layouts, or blogs that are swimming in nothing but ads. Simply finding a blog about a specific category can often be a challenge as well. We take the guesswork out by creating an ordered list of high quality blogs that are chosen by our staff of professional editors. Each blog is given a score and ranked accordingly; but it doesn’t stop there. also lets our readers give their own scores as well as write their own reviews. That way, the whole world can have a say about a blog’s quality.”

The site also has social networking features, enabling you to save lists of favorite blogs and connect with others.

While other search sites exist to find blogs, most of them do it based on tags or keywords.  Usually that means they are best for discovering individual blog posts.  You might be overwhelmed with a bazillion results. Directories like are better if you’re trying to find sites that consistently cover dedicated topics.

Blog owners: if you have a blog, first check and see if your blog is listed. If not, submit your blog here.

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Anita Campbell Anita Campbell is the Founder, CEO and Publisher of Small Business Trends and has been following trends in small businesses since 2003. She is the owner of BizSugar, a social media site for small businesses.

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  1. Martin Lindeskog


    I found out about this site after checking my site stats one day. I have added their rating button on my EGO blog.

  2. “While other search sites exist to find blogs, most of them do it based on tags or keywords. Usually that means they are best for discovering individual blog posts. You might be overwhelmed with a bazillion results.”

    I can’t find a thing in Technorati!!! Have you ever tried looking for blogs there? After sifting thru 100s of worthless results I gave up. By the time the dIY-SEO crowd spams it, the results are worth nothing.

  3. Michelle,

    I think the issue you are referring to relates to tags. Everybody has gone crazy in recent years with tagging. Directories have fallen out of favor.

    While tags can be very useful, the problem with tags is that they bring back far too many false positives most of the time.

    In controlled situations tags are good, i.e., where you limit the number of tags. But where people choose their own tags it quickly gets out of control.

    In other words, when it’s a tagging free for all, you end up with “tag spam.” I’m not convinced that tags in their current form are much help in finding useful business info.

    This Wikipedia article under the section “Practical Evaluation” explains the downsides with tags:

    For that reason, I like a good, human-moderated directory. As long as someone is reviewing each entry in a directory, and it is organized in a meaningful structure, I think there’s still a place for directories.


  4. Although our business does not have a blog, this website seems easy to follow and I can see it will be a good point of reference for us. It would be interesting to know what criteria they are base their rankings on.


  5. This is a great resource for finding blogs easily. I too get very frustrated on other sites. You can spend hours & hours searching with no luck. This is so simple and neatly organized.

  6. Cool. Just like the way Yahoo started — verifying the web sites for validity.

  7. Anita, this post rocked my world! I do a TON of blog research and this tool will help cut down on the feeling of running in circles! Thank you for the information — I’m going to pass this post on to many a friend and colleague.

  8. Great article Anita. Your point about tagging getting out of control is a good one. We try our best to moderate it on Blogged.

    Thanks for covering us Anita and thanks for the feedback everyone.


  9. Hi Kenneth, yes, tagging is a good idea that doesn’t scale well — if you ask me.

    Good luck with Blogged — it will be interesting to see where you take it.


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