Free E-Book Templates

Creating an ebook (a PDF) is a project you are likely to do for a variety of reasons. Perhaps you want to create a downloadable “tips” document to give to clients or prospects. Or perhaps you want to create a shorter-than-print book as a free gift for signing up to your newsletter. You may even wish to create an ebook to sell online — ebook sales are growing fast right now. Whatever your motivation, it’s going to be easier if you start with a template.

Small Business Trends created two free, downloadable ebook templates for our readers. They are clean, simple and professional – perfect for your new ebook!

This ebook template is a bit more corporate looking. Use it for ebooks and reports geared towards the corporate b2b market. Feel free to download the template:

This ebook template has a contemporary feel. You can use it for short ebooks, b2c ebooks etc. Feel free to download the template:

Use them to repurpose some of your blog content or an article you’re particularly proud of.  You can create a stand-alone document to include in your marketing kit or as a download on your website.

Don’t let that good content go stagnant in your archives — re-use it!

They are open access and you can use them as you see fit.


Anita Campbell Anita Campbell is the Founder, CEO and Publisher of Small Business Trends and has been following trends in small businesses since 2003. She is the owner of BizSugar, a social media site for small businesses.

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  1. Great resource! Thank you Anita.

  2. Yes, isn’t it wonderful, Shama!

    I love the Web today, because of all these wonderful resources.


  3. Another great idea. It would be nice to offer a nice professional looking article for download on a website.

    Congrats to you and John for being among the top 4 business blog posts chosen for the HP contest! Those 2 articles were good choices.

  4. Martin Lindeskog

    Great stuff!

    I have set up a private wiki at Wetpaint. It was easy to start. It will be interesting to see how it will work to do group projects and use it for social networking activities.

  5. Anita,

    This is why you are one of the best!!

    Great post. And I will definitely check out the e-book template on HP’s web site.

    Thanks for your help.

  6. Thanks, Brian! I appreciate it.

  7. Great stuff! It really helps a lot to have such templates! Thank you!

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    Mario Koerbler

  8. I spent some $$ paying for a webdesigner just to create a template for me… This saves me some $$.. thanks a lot..

  9. Create My Business Plan

    Its Really a nice to offer a nice professional looking article for download on a website. its also work to do group projects and use it for social networking activities.thank you 🙂

  10. Hey wow, thank you very much for the nice tip!

  11. Yout marketing kit does not download. Only a munch of computer numbers on the screen.

  12. Georgann Demetriou

    Awesome entry I just Love it, Keep posting more like this! Tech Videos

  13. Anita, thanx for the good tip but the link doesn’t go directly to an e-book template. Search returns “no results.” Am I looking for a ppt template?

  14. Nice post.
    Thanks for the templates.
    Any exclusive posts on eBook protection coming up?
    If yes, then I would love to read it.

  15. Thank you so much 🙂

  16. danke

  17. I’ve seen this template before and what I’d like to know is, has anyone on here actually used this template, made an ebook and made any money? This template may be good for a fiction ebook,but how can you alter this template in order to make an informational product?