New Business Ideas: Easier Life Online

In the Web 2.0 age, the online world has entered the smallest tasks in our lives.  We now have online solutions and services that make everyday activities simpler and easier. 

Didn’t know you needed help with something?  Wait until you see what’s available to make your life easier:

  • Lost a bet and owed your buddy a drink? (pictured above) was launched to make it easier to buy someone a drink – online. Log on to the website, purchase a round of beer for your friends online, and they can easily redeem their drinks at participating establishments by flashing a text message with the promotional code. It’s great to treat your buddies to drinks when you can’t be around for the celebrations.
  • If you’re finding it hard to remember the birthday of a close friend, let alone mail over a birthday card, then Boston-based Jack Cards might save you. The online service lets you save birthdays and important dates related to your loved ones and close friends. You can schedule 1, 2 or 4 weeks in advance of the big day for ready-to-go greeting cards to be sent to you. Write a personal greeting, mail out the card, and you’re done!
  • Maybe you don’t like the hassle of planning for a big party at your place. Then you might find MyPunchBowl’s new party planning service useful. As party creator, you make a list of things you need for the party which is made public to all your invitees. Party goers will then respond and bring the needed items to the party. They can even add their own items via the online service.
  • Searching for that blueberry cake that the birthday girl absolutely adores? If you’re clueless about where you might be able to find cakes, pastries and other baked items within your locality, let CakeAmerica help you. The online search service is dedicated to help web users find cakes and other baked products in their localities. To search, simply enter any words related to the cake that you’re searching for, specify your zip code, select the number of miles within the specified zip code and click ‘search’. You might find some success looking for that blueberry cake.

What other online services do you use regularly to help you in your daily tasks?

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  1. My Punch Bowl sounds like a really convenient way to plan a get together. I like that you are able to keep track of who’s bringing what.

    Cake America even has pictures of beautiful cakes so that you can see someones work before you contact them. If your looking for a wedding cake, it would be a good place to get some ideas too.

  2. Well, I may be a bit biased on this one, but I think folks often overlook how time consuming simply logging into websites all day long can get.

    Check passwords off the to-do list —

    So my vote goes out to password managers as a whole, in particular: PassPack – afterall, I’m a co-founder. Cheers!

  3. Tara,

    PassPack looks like a really great idea. Big bonus is that it’s free to use. Superb!

  4. Martin Lindeskog

    Tara Kelly: I agree with you on the issue to remember different passwords. How have you solved the concern for the personal integrity and the storing of the data in a safe way?

    Steven Teo: I have been thinking of a business idea related to things you have listed. It has to do with celebrating individuals on their special day. It is a tradition that is common in certain countries, but has a potential to reach other areas of the world. I am interested in getting in touch with entrepreneurs, companies involved in time management tools and gift products.

  5. Three cheers for Tara! Be a lot biased—great idea!

  6. Thanks for the outpouring of affection!

    Martin, we use a security pattern called Host-Proof Hosting to ensure data privacy. In short, PassPack is not able to read the passswords stored on our servers.

    Here’s a brief security overview.

    We’re in the process of drafting a more detailed article on Host-Proof Hosting, but it’s still a few days to completion.

    If you have questions in the meantime, go ahead and ask away.

  7. Hey Martin,

    What do you have in mind? Why not share it with us and we’ll see whether we can help you bring your new business ideas to fruition?

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