Create Your Own Business Cards in 15 Minutes

In Staples stores you can now design a business card and print out a supply in about a half hour. It’s called Business Cards in Minutes. I saw it in action when I was out in San Diego a few weeks back.

I was speaking at an HP marketing workshop held in a local Staples store there. Some of us arrived early and to kill time we wandered around the store. One of the people, Noelle, pointed out the terminal and said, “Need some business cards? You can get some before you leave today.” I thought she was kidding, but she sat right down at the terminal and started working on a business card.

Business Cards in Minutes consists of a special computer kiosk provided by Logoworks by HP, where you can design a business card on the spot. You can then get the cards printed right there at the print center inside the Staples store. Here is the photo we took of the kiosk while Noelle was in the midst of creating a business card:

Business Cards In Minutes Station at the Staples Store

It’s a pretty easy system to use. You walk through some text-entry screens where you’re prompted to fill in your business and contact information. You can use a logo (if your logo image is on the Web). Or you can use a graphic supplied by the system. You can choose a vertical layout or a horizontal layout. You can customize fonts and colors. Here is a sample card of the kind you can create:

Sample business card

The cards printed in the store using Business Cards In Minutes were professional-looking, on good-quality white card stock.

Start to finish it took about 15 minutes to create the card. Then you put your print order in and wait for them to be printed. Depending on how backed up they are in the store, you could get the printed cards in 15 minutes. (Or you could go to the local coffee shop, have a latte and come back later to pick them up.)

As I remember, it cost about $29 to print 100 color business cards. When we were there Staples was running a special throwing in an additional 100 free cards with your order.

If you don’t have any business cards and want to create some easily on your own, or if you need cards fast, or if you need a small quantity of special cards for a particular purpose like a trade show or for a new employee, you might want to check out Business Cards in Minutes. It’s very convenient.


Anita Campbell - CEO

Anita Campbell Anita Campbell is the Founder and Publisher of Small Business Trends and has been following trends in small businesses since 2003. She is the owner of BizSugar, a social media site for small businesses, and also serves as CEO of

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  1. Mark Anderson

    I used Logoworks for my logo, cards and stationary and I was really happy with the results!

  2. Having had to get business cards done quite often throughout the years, I found your post interesting. What a great way to get them done! And quick too!

  3. thanks for the post anita! us logoworkers love the business cards in minutes tool and i am so glad you had a chance to see it in action.

  4. I love the quick part. I wonder if this is something you could use Staples gift cards for? I have one left over from my birthday (have to love the can’t-use-online gift cards), and that might be a good use for it whenever I get near a Staples again.

  5. This looks like a good idea. Do HP have anything like this in Australia?

  6. I really don’t want to demoralize the author or the other comments but there are some details to take into consideration:
    1. In D.C.P on-line print shop you can get 500 business cards for 24$ 2. Time is a matter of busy queue. Our digital print machine can print 100 business cards in less than a minute. How much time it will take the self designer to design his card is his problem.
    3. Short time manufacturing of products are usually in a reversed attribute to its quality.
    4. I know high class business men and women who wouldn’t be satisfied with simple business cards because it is their display window. It is their representative. It is their good name.
    So slow down your horses….and turn to the professionals to manufacture your real and serious business cards and other advertising and promoting printed materials. Like at visit our site and see for your self.

  7. Hi Andertoons, glad you you found value in the service. I think the kiosk is a physical-world extension of the Logoworks online service.

    Hi Noelle, it was very nice to meet you and I love the way a chance walk through the store could lead to learning something new.


  8. Hi Rich,

    I don’t know about the gift cards being used for printing services. But we use Staples and I know that they send out discount coupons/cards several times a year to customers. Some can be used merchandise and some can be used for printing services, or both.

    Hi Susan, not sure about Australia. But I sure hope you get some there.

    Hi Joe Alon, I did not mean to take anything away from professional printers. But I see a place for professional printers AND the Business Cards in Minutes service. The way I look at it, it’s like cameras and photography. Sometimes only a professional photographer will do. Sometimes I snap shots myself with my digital camera. And sometimes I take a quick pic with the camera in my mobile phone. It all depends on what I am trying to accomplish. Same goes with printing — it all depends on your needs. There’s a range of solutions to fit your needs.


  9. I agree with Anita. Professional quality cards are a must if you are trying to create your image as a highly paid professional. On the other hand, a small crafter or ebay seller could quickly get cards to include in packages.

    I have heard of a new trend with moms that this would be great for, too. They are making contact “mommy cards” to pass out to people who may need to reach them concerning their child. This would be a nice easy way for them to get some printed cards while out running errands.

  10. Sound pretty expensive when vistaprint gives 250 cards for free or gives 50 business card magnets for free.

  11. Hi Anita-

    This sounds promising. I will have to look into it for our clients.

    My main concern is always the card stock. The thicker, the better. 15 pt. seems ideal.

    Do you know if they offer that?


    Hi everyone! Anita Campbell, the Editor of Small Business Trends here.

    I just wanted to point out that earlier today we got slammed (in a good way) with a press of Reddit traffic. It brought the server to its knees. We lost most of the comments since our last backup very early this morning.

    I had to manually re-enter all the comments received today up to 5:00 PM Eastern U.S. time. Consequently, the time showing for receipt of the comments above is inaccurate for all comments dated April 8th.


    PS, we upgraded the server, which is what caused the comments to be lost. So the good news is we shouldn’t experience that kind of issue again.

  13. Anita,

    I stumbled on Moo the other day. Nice and different style. I had to order a set of minicards and a neat holder. The company is nominated for a Webby Award.

    Check out their funny blog:

  14. Hey! This post was an interesting bit of news. I was going to pay a visit to Staples today, so I’ll be sure to check for this.

    I agree with other comments that this likely won’t create the ideal max primo fabulouso business cards of our dreams BUT if you’re in a pinch and need some business cards NOW, this is far better than other things I’ve seen people do…like pass out poorly trimmed photocopies of their regular business cards. 😛

    And thanks for your earlier comment at my blog!

  15. Anita Campbell

    Hi Shama, maybe someone from Logoworks or Staples will wander over and give a definitive answer.

    But I can tell you that the business cards printed that day were on sturdy, good-quality business card stock. The printing was very crisp, too. I was pleasantly impressed.


  16. Web Design Lincolnshire

    This is a good idea by HP. Where you can create business cards anywhere, I remember in my local supermarket you can create birthday cards from a computer.

  17. Thanks again for another quality post. I am in the middle of a project with a client and we need a short run of business cards with an updated look to match a brochure we had designed. This is the answer. Thanks so much!

  18. Reply to Nathan – I just did the Vista Print 100 premium business cards for free – and it cost me over $30 by the time I waded through all the options and the shipping…and watched a million ads, no kidding. I still have to go to Staples tomorrow and get the cards I need now, because I didn’t want to choke up another $25 for express delivery.

    I have a Logoworks logo – can I access it to use on a Staples quicky-card machine?

    thanks for a great blog with endless information –

  19. V istaP rint is OK, but there are better online shops out there that have thicker, better quality, card stock. I often use a place called 4FocusFX . Usually, if you call them directly, they’ll give you some new customer deal if they have any such promotions going on (800) 585-9315.

    What I tend to see a lot online nowadays are deals for 16pt business cards. They seem to carry a lot of that and their prices are on the cheaper side as well the other day I placed an order for 1000 business cards and they charged me only $49 (pretty good considering the fact that they were full color front and back).

    By the way, I’ve been looking around and haven’t found any affordable “GREEN” print shops out there. Do you guys have any recommendations?


  20. Being a former employee of the Staples Copy and Print Center in San Diego, i would like to say that i feel this is the smartest thing we’ve come up with! I would sell thousands of cards per week! Even graphic designers like myself have a part in it. You can upload your finished card to be printed in minutes! And yes your giftcards can be used towards copy and print center purchases.

  21. How you think when the economic crisis will end? I wish to make statistics of independent opinions!

  22. Whatever happen to the business card/DVD? It was a business card printed on a DVD that was cut down to almost the size of a business card that would play in the DVD slot of your pc. I would think this would be a good and unique opportunity to get your message out. Give the immediate contact information with a full fledge show when the new contact stops and looks at the DVD. Talk about making a lasting impression!!

  23. This is good for ’emergency situations’ like when you’re going to a convention the same day and decide you need business cards but i’m going to have to agree with the others that nothing beats a professionally made business card.

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