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Time-Generating Resources for CEOs

Time is precious. It’s maybe the most precious resource. Once lost, it’s never regained. Moms of children know this all too well. CEOs, regardless of their company’s size, recognize the value of time. Today’s competitive pressures force CEOs to squeeze the most out of shorter and shorter time segments, those brief-fleeting moments in-between interruptions.

I served as CEO of Conference Calls Unlimited [1] for nearly 7 years. Time, in particular uninterrupted time, was precious. With it, I accomplished great things. Without it … well, it wasn’t pretty.

I want to share with you the resources I found over those 7 years that gave me greater amounts of uninterrupted time. Some of them I implemented within the company. As time in a small business, in a rapidly changing business is precious for everyone.

This is my list. You have others. Let’s help each other. Share them here. We’ll build the ultimate list of Time-Generating Resources for CEOs.

Each month I’ll share more tips and perspectives From The Trenches: building operational excellence and a sustainable business.

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Zane Safrit, small business expert on operations, word of mouth and customer referrals.About the Author: Zane Safrit’s passion is small business and the operations’ excellence required to deliver a product that creates word-of-mouth, customer referrals and instills pride in those whose passion created it. He previously served as CEO of Conference Calls Unlimited. Zane’s blog can be found at Zane Safrit [11].