Videos Gone Wild — in the Search Engines

YouTube videos help market your small businessGoogle is now showing YouTube videos mixed in with the 10 search results of traditional Web pages. Called “blended search” or “universal search,” it’s one of the big trends in the world of search engines.

I can’t emphasize enough how important an advantage this can be for small businesses.  By creating and hosting video at YouTube, you potentially get an extra shot at being found in the search engines.  (And most of us can use all the help we can get.)

My latest column at the OPEN Forum blog discusses what this means:

By creating a video and hosting it on YouTube, it gives your business an extra shot at getting listed on the first page of the Google search results. Your company’s Website AND its YouTube video could both appear high up in Google.

Instead of a one-in-ten chance of a searcher finding your site in the 10 search results returned on a Google page, with a YouTube video suddenly you have two chances in ten. That also means one less competitor appearing in the top 10 results, because you’re taking up two of those coveted 10 spots.

And by the way, even if you do not think your business is exciting enough for video, you may want to re-think your assumptions. In my column I point to a video done by a dentist. It’s what I call “real world” video.  It doesn’t need to be funny or Academy Award quality — just authentic and addressing your target market’s needs.

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Anita Campbell Anita Campbell is the Founder, CEO and Publisher of Small Business Trends and has been following trends in small businesses since 2003. She is the owner of BizSugar, a social media site for small businesses.

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  1. I’m considering it, and there’s a lot of advantages, but, then again, people will see what I look like. I don’t want to drive business away! 😉

  2. So we’re now in the early days of youtube doing for video what wikipedia has done for text. I’ve a love-hate relationship with a big site dominating the top 3 results on Google for most things I search for. Wish Google could judge quality better, so that it didn’t matter whether I posted a video onto my site or youtube.

    Can’t help wonder at the self interest that weighed in with this google decision – since Google do own youtube…

  3. YouTube integration is going to be crucial in all sorts of arenas. You’re right to highlight it!

  4. Negotiation Trainer is right. YouTube has a LOT of issues when it comes to this. The first being that how do they judge quality? And even more, there’s really not a lot of worthy quality videos out there yet to fill all the searches.

    Don’t believe me, do a search in YouTube for any top level keyphrase and tell me you find more than a handful of results.

  5. This is an excellent post Anita – thank you!

    One of my clients currently published their product videos from our management sytsem, but they get no SE value for it. I just wrote them a short HowTo with a link to your article. I also plan on posting my wife’s dance school videos the same way.

  6. It will be important how you present the video clip. I think organizations like Toastmasters will find new members…


    We see video to be a huge component of harnessing the new marketing. Any niche social network should be all over this…..

    Yours with boundless enthusiasm,

    Richard 🙂

    Chief Deal Weaver

  8. The ‘universal search’ features Google has been plugging into search results offers a lot of new opportunities to marketers. One needs to be a step ahead of competition and get in on this in order to take advantage of it. So creating videos and other media to put across your message, will increase your chances on showing up on search results.

  9. One of the most popular Squidoo lenses is all about how to create great YouTube videos:

  10. Andertoons, I think business videos are a great way to connect with business owners before you make a purchase. No matter what you look like, it’s a great way to become more personal and stand out from the others. Don’t sell yourself short, you have the opportunity to make something really fun and catchy.

  11. Thanks for the tip. This is a great idea and we’ll definitely start on making some videos for youtube.

  12. I’ve been using this piece to help a client understand the value of video. Thanks Anita.

  13. Anita
    This is a super helpful post on Video Marketing. I can’t tell you how much it has helped me on a client project for my client. This plus that post about using YouTube without even posting a video. Awesome.

  14. @Andertoons – I would think you could create a terrific slide show and just narrate it. Check out that other post about YouTube without using video.