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Your On Again, Off Again Marketing Relationship

Remember in high school or college the couple that seemed to have a never-ending, on again, off again dating relationship? One week they’re on, the next week they’re off. The next week they’re on, the following week they’re off.

Well, in speaking with tens of thousands of entrepreneurs and business owners, I’ve found that many have the same on again, off again relationship with their marketing. They do a few things to stir up business, then neglect the marketing and go to the “fulfillment” side of the business. When things start to slow down, they say to themselves, “I’ve got to do some marketing to pick things up” and they invest in marketing. The cycle goes on and on, with good times and bad times, ups and downs, but no real long-term progress occurs.

Does this describe your marketing relationship? If so, stop yourself, snap out of it. Because this on again, off again marketing style is certain to hold back the growth of any business.

If you’re serious about growing your business, and I assume you are, you need to come to grips with three fundamental small business marketing truths:

  1. You are a marketer, not a provider of product x or service y. You are a marketer.
  2. You are a marketer of information about the problems your product or service solves. You’re not a marketer of product x or service y.
  3. Your marketing must be “always on” not on again, off again. “Always-on marketing” is what you need to really grow your business.

Let those three truths sink in. I can promise you that the entrepreneurs and business owners who are most successful have adopted these three marketing truths. Get out of your on-again, off again marketing relationship and apply these marketing truths to your business. When you do, I promise you your business will grow faster.

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Clate Mask, CEO of InfusionSoft About the Author: Clate Mask is the President and CEO of Infusionsoft [1]. He loves to turn small businesses into big businesses. In addition to running the day-to-day operations of Infusionsoft, Clate also writes at the Infusion Blog [2] about marketing and entrepreneurship topics.