New Books Hit the Stands – and How to Get Your Book Reviewed

We’ve heard from a few entrepreneurs who’ve recently published a business book and wanted to spread the good news. Let’s turn the spotlight on the latest additions to the business bookshelves:

Milkshake Moment by Steven LittleSteven S. Little has written a book with the catchy title: The Milkshake Moment: Overcoming Stupid Systems, Pointless Policies, and Muddled Management to Realize Real Growth. Using examples of mistakes and turn-around stories, Steven offers suggestions for business owners on how to “get out of your own way” to be successful. How does the title fit? In the book, Steven shares his sad tale of trying to order a milkshake from a hotel’s room service. Steven has been a guest author here at Small Business Trends. Read his article, Using Weak Signals to Identify Opportunities, if you’d like to preview his writing style.

Riches in Niches by Susan FriedmannSusan Friedmann’s book Riches in Niches: How to Make it Big in a Small Market takes some of the ideas learned about the hedgehog theory in From Good to Great and provides readers with a roadmap for turning their expertise in a narrow segment into big business. She’s coined the phrase nichepreneur to describe someone who makes a business out of a small market segment. Read this book if you are ready to take the one thing you do better than anyone else and turn it into a profitable enterprise.

Rub My Tummy and It's a Deal, by Mark AndersonLet’s end this post with a smile: Mark Anderson, cartoonist, entrepreneur and newly published author shares his views on business, co-workers, atypical tech and even Power Point in his business cartoon book entitled “Rub My Tummy and It’s a Deal.” Mark’s cartoons have been published in the Wall Street Journal, Forbes and The Harvard Business Review. Mark also just launched a Facebook Application, and was recently interviewed on Small Business Trends Radio.

Thanks for letting us know your exciting news. Is anyone else working on a business book? If so, we’d like to suggest two options to help you get the word out.

  • Ruth King, CEO of the Profitability Channel, an Internet TV show, hosts a program called “The Small Business Book Club” on Fridays featuring authors of small business-focused books. Ruth is looking for authors who will either be in the Atlanta, Georgia area and available for a studio interview or who have access to video conferencing equipment. To view past book review shows, visit the Profitability Channel Library and scroll down to Small Business Book Club. If you’ve written a book that features practical tips for the small business owner, send your book to Ruth King for review at: 1650 Oakbrook Drive, Suite 405, Norcross, GA 30093.
  • And if you’d like to get your business book reviewed here at Small Business Trends, send an email to: Just keep in mind that we can only do a limited number of reviews of books.

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  1. Martin Lindeskog

    Ah, more book titles to my “tickler” file… 🙂

  2. Mark’s book looks like fun!

  3. I’m reviewing Mark’s book right now. All I will tell you so far is that as soon as I opened it, I had to sit down because I was laughing.

    Personally, I can’t wait to read Milkshake Moment – RIches in Niches – sounds good too. I’m going to have to make room on the nightstand 🙂

  4. Cool, I remember reading Steven’s article and really think he has some good stuff to say. I’ll pick up a copy and put it in my pile. Thanks.

  5. Okay – already there is a theme of “add it to my growing list” and how will I ever find the time to read all there is to absorb?

    Last year I found that I had about 45 books that I had faithfully read the front cover and first chapter and had stopped because another book came along that demanded my attention. So I decided to stop that trend and pick one book and actually read it from beginning to end. Insane – I know. The book? Write it Down and Make it Happen by Henriette Anne Klauser. I wouldn’t allow myself to read a magazine, a headline or another book until I finished that book. The result: I actually learned something. Since then I have employed that strategy and I’m finding that although I am reading fewer books – I’m spending enough time with a given topic and author that I have learned a few things that have impacted how I approach customers, business and life.

    Of course the pile of books waiting to be that one I focus on has grown above my head…so maybe my strategy isn’t life altering.

    How DO you handle the pile? Do you just read snipits – or have you actually finished the whole thing?


  6. Just looking at Mark’s book would make me want to pick it up and thumb thru it. It feels good to laugh at ourselves once in a while.

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  8. “The Milkshake Moment”, love the title. Coming up with catchy titles is an art form. Hats off to Steve this one.

  9. “The Milkshake Moment.” Wow! I READ YOUR BOOK!

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