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(June 5, 2008) – OfficeMax® Incorporated, a leader in office products and services, announced today that it has partnered with TerraCycleâ„¢, Inc., an eco-capitalist company, to bring a new line of “green” office products to OfficeMax customers. OfficeMax is featuring seven new TerraCycle products; including innovative binders, pencil cases, trash cans and cleaners. TerraCycle manufactures and packages products entirely from
waste and reduces the amount of garbage going to landfills.

The new line with OfficeMax will be TerraCycle’s first line of office products and feature items for kids and adults. The design of these products helps to reduce some of the country’s largest waste streams.

“OfficeMax is pleased to provide our customers with the environmentally responsible products that TerraCycle is pioneering. TerraCycle’s unconventional manufacturing methods have led to some of the most progressive products on the market today,” said Ryan Vero, Executive Vice President and Chief Merchandising Officer for OfficeMax. “We are happy to be a part of TerraCycle’s efforts to make a greener workspace.”

“At TerraCycle, we believe that OfficeMax is the ideal retailer for our products,” said Tom Szaky CEO and Founder of TerraCycle. “They share our vision of making products from waste and supplying them to a mass audience without charging a premium. We are excited to help achieve that goal with the help of an industry leader like OfficeMax.”

The TerraCycle Natural Cleanerâ„¢ line will be OfficeMax’s first line of all-natural cleaners packaged directly in used soda bottles. The line includes the Natural All-Purpose, Window and Degreaser packaged directly in used 1 liter bottles. Over 80 billion plastic
bottles are discarded and end up in landfills every year. The cleaners are all plant based, non-toxic and biodegradable. Certifications include the Canadian Government’s EcoLogo, one the strictest certifications given by the Canadian Government.

OfficeMax will also carry TerraCycle’s first line of trash cans and recycling bins that are made from 100 percent recycled plastic. Millions of tons of plastic are discarded every year in America. TerraCycle salvages thousands of tons of plastic from a variety of applications and turns this mixed plastic waste into these environmentally preferable and
affordable bins.

OfficeMax and TerraCycle will offer binders made from 100 percent recycled cardboard covers and 90 percent recycled steel rings. The binders also come with the world’s first
return program for used binders.

TerraCycle runs several free recycling fundraisers for schools, including one that pays schools two cents for every used drink pouch they collect. TerraCycle uses these traditionally non-recyclable pouches to make, among other items, pencil cases for kids. OfficeMax will support this free fundraising program by selling these brightly colored, 100 percent recycled pencil cases. The program helps to challenge kids to rethink
what happens to the materials they discard and ways those materials can be re-used.

OfficeMax and TerraCycle plan to develop more recycled and environmentally preferable products together. OfficeMax is also working with TerraCycle to increase awareness about the need for more eco-friendly products and practices in homes, offices
and classrooms, and by supporting recycling programs that make such changes possible.

For samples, images or more information on this new partnership or these
unique, innovation products, please contact us using the information provided below.

About TerraCycle, Inc.

Tom Szaky, a 25 year old entrepreneur and Princeton University dropout, founded TerraCycle his freshman year. The company debuted its revolutionary worm poop plant food packages in reused soda bottles at Wal*Mart and The Home Depot in 2005. TerraCycle products are the first consumer products to earn the right to carry the Zerofootprintâ„¢ seal. The seal signifies that the materials and manufacturing process used to produce its products have virtually no negative environmental repercussions. In July 2006, Inc. Magazine named TerraCycle, “The Coolest Little Start-Up in America.”

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