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foxtrot_xray:software Announces Release of WebRobot v1.3

(June 26, 2008) – Our latest version of WebRobot now runs the Gecko engine, the same engine that powers Firefox, making it the most flexible web crawler yet. Plus, v1.3 includes other features such as: transparent support of HTTPS and HTTP, accessibility and manipulability of any page that you can interact with using Firefox 2, the ability to script complicated interactions with a website (i.e. filling out forms, and performing specific navigation sequences), the WebRobot.WebBrowser-a small browser that allows the developer to see code generated by the WebRobot to replicate the current browsing session, full source code, support for the use of proxies, the ability to parse the structure of HTML documents, persistence of session cookies and variables, the ability to parse through HTML elements in a page to extract specific elements, dynamically generated buttons, royalty-free license, unlimited customer support, and much more.

In the next few weeks, we will also release a Personalities for WebRobot Package (P4W), which will consist of custom-tailored components for specific sites, allowing WebRobot users to integrate functionality into their code quickly. WebRobot customers will be able to request, suggest, or even upload their own components to be part of the P4W package.

For more information on WebRobot 1.3, visit http://foxtrot-xray.com/main/prod/dev/web_robot

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