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3 Search Engine Optimization Tools You Need

Recently someone asked me, “what’s the best tool to find keywords for search engine optimization purposes?”

We discussed her needs, and it turned out she wanted something to tell her more than just suggested keywords. She also wanted to better monitor her website’s rankings for each keyword. And she wanted to find other high quality sites to link to.

In the end, I recommended 3 tools, all of them from SEOBook.com. I thought you might find this information valuable, too. Here are the tools I recommended and why:

There are lots of other tools, free and paid, available on the Web. But these 3 are so comprehensive that they give me most of the search intelligence I need, aside from traffic analytics which I also use (Google Analytics, Statcounter and Sitemeter). Many other tools are for SEO professionals, and are more technical than I know what to do with.

These 3 tools are perfect for most small business managers and owners. They give you information you can use, without requiring you to make a career out of learning how to use them.