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Submit Your News To Small Business Trends

I’m delighted to announce that you can now submit your press releases to Small Business Trends. If approved, they will be published in our new “Small Business News [1]” section.

Question: Why are you publishing news releases?

Answer: There’s a lot of important news out there — much more than we can possibly cover in our articles. We’d love to provide a lot more news and information — and we know you’d love to read more news, too. So we thought we’d let you submit your press releases, subject to being reviewed by us.

Question: Will you publish everything submitted?

Answer: We will publish only news that is of interest to small businesses, startups and entrepreneurs. Please do not submit press releases that are off-topic or unrelated to small businesses, startups or entrepreneurs.

All submissions will be manually reviewed by a human being. We will do our best to review them within 48 hours. We reserve the right to choose which news releases to publish. Also, due to time commitments we cannot commit to notify you whether your release has been accepted or not. Please check back at the Small Business News section of the site after 48 hours.

Question: I’d like to submit a guest article — may I submit that through the press release submission area?

Answer: Please go here for information to guest post on the site. [2]

Question: Where will my press release be published if you accept it?

Answer: If we accept your press release, it will be designated as a “press release” and will appear in a special section of the site called Small Business News [1] (subscribe to the special RSS feed for press releases [3]).

Question: Where do I submit my press release?

Answer: Send it in an email to: [email protected]