Utopia Security Services, Inc. Announces Alternative to Traditional Security Guard Services in Texas

Round Rock, TX (June 9, 2008) – The steadily increasing demand for guard services over the past several years has increased the challenge to both the private security industry and its clients of retaining quality personnel and consistent services. In order to meet this challenge, Utopia Security Services, Inc. is designed to invert the standard industry model, focusing on client requirements first and product second.

“One of the big challenges of security,” states Frank Petro, President of Utopia Security Services, Inc., “is ensuring consistent quality services to a diverse market.” Prior to starting Utopia Security Services, Mr. Petro was involved with an international security firm and responsible for security operations at several large scale ventures throughout the southern United States. He saw that his former company and its competitors developed one product and applied it to many places. The result was that no matter how strong the company or product, it simply did not work well everywhere. “Security is a very personal concept. In order for security to be truly effective and for a client to be happy with those services, the services must directly reflect all the elements that make that client, their business and their location unique.”

Providing custom operations for each client requires abandoning the traditional mass-production business model and finding a way to create unique operations for each client while maintaining a competitive cost. Utopia Security Services’ solution is simple-inventory. Petro found that it cost the same, or often less, to create unique services for each client than to build an entire company infrastructure around a single product or service. Rather than hire and outfit mass numbers of security officers, then try to find places for them to work while incurring inventory costs; Utopia Security Services defines the needs of a client first, and builds its operations to match. What the company saves in inventory of personnel is reinvested into personnel development programs, dramatically improving employee retention and performance.

Since the company’s inception in October of 2007, Utopia Security Services has implemented its unique approach to security for several private and public sector clients in the Austin area and continues to develop internally. At the company’s Ribbon Cutting and Open House, it hopes to introduce its services to a wider local market and other areas within the State of Texas. All business and individuals are invited to the company’s headquarters for food and refreshments on Thursday, June 12, 2008 from 4 PM to 7 PM.

Utopia Security Services, Inc. offers professional security officer services to public and private businesses throughout the State of Texas. The company’s unique approach combines customized services with proprietary reporting and analysis tools to ensure unparalleled performance with verifiable results.

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