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(CENTENNIAL, Colo., June 03, 2008) — Verio, a leading provider of business solutions online, including hosting, applications and managed services, today announced the launch of flexible, low-cost VPS Starter Plans designed specifically for businesses that have outgrown their current shared hosting solution due to experienced or expected growth.

Verio’s VPS Starter Plans are ideal for small and medium sized businesses and resellers that require more dedicated space and enhanced scalability than standard entry-level shared hosting plans can provide. Available on both Linux and FreeBSD platforms, the plans include multiple domain names for hosting multiple web sites, deliver increased disk space, memory and process limits to drive high-capacity functionality for growing businesses.

The VPS Starter Plans allow solutions providers, business leaders, and small enterprises to hand off backend IT management such as data backups, server security, and software updates to Verio — enabling companies to spend more time focusing on core businesses functions rather than on IT management. Customers will also benefit from the dedicated-like performance of the VPS solutions, which is made possible through Verio’s FairShare technology — a unique technology that offers individual, fully-isolated space on Verio servers.

Linux and FreeBSD VPS, include the ability to:

– Host an e-commerce Website and/or host multiple Websites (up to five multiple domains)

– Support a corporate intranet

– Build a custom development environment

– Run Web-based calendaring

– Run multimedia applications

– Manage an email system

– Create a customer support tracking system

– Back up important data

– Deploy podcasts and/or host a blog

– Create a customer support tracking system

“Verio continuously looks for ways to improve our product offerings, and these enhancements are just the latest of our regular efforts to provide improved services to our partners and our customers,” said Steve Renda, vice president of sales and marketing at Verio. “We have noticed that increasingly, small businesses are growing at a rate where they cannot rely on shared servers to get the dedicated resources and space they need. Now, small businesses can gain the benefits of dedicated hosting — such as reliability and scalability — without the associated costs.”

VPS technology was pioneered by Verio over 10 years ago, based on the concept of a “virtual machine.” Despite sharing server resources, each VPS is fully isolated with its own file system, processes, users, applications, and resource allocations. Verio VPS allows businesses to maintain complete control with the flexibility to install software and configure the server to meet individual needs including hosting multiple Websites with separate domains and unlimited email accounts. Verio”s Linux and FreeBSD VPS Starter Plans are backed by Verio’s technology management team, managing the data center, the network, the hardware, core software applications, security updates, and data backups.


Verio’s Linux and FreeBSD Virtual Private Servers are available immediately to businesses, resellers, developers and wholesale partners worldwide. Pricing begins at $59.95 for 10 GB disk space Basic.

VPS Technology

It is Verio’s unique, state-of-the-art technology that distinguishes the VPS from typical shared-server hosting and allows the VPS to look and behave like a dedicated server. Verio invented this technology in 1996 and continues to refine and improve it. The Verio VPS delivers dedicated server functionality without bandwidth overage fees, absolute reliability and guaranteed uptime. Verio manages data backups, server security, and software updates, with experts available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. More information can be found at

About Verio

Verio Inc. enables small to mid-sized companies to conduct better business online through advanced hosting, applications and managed services. Its highly reliable and scalable solutions enable its customers to achieve their business goals and realize meaningful efficiencies with the right technology services customized to spur business growth. Verio is supported through an ecosystem of technology partners and backed by its extensive global infrastructure, including global network access from parent company NTT Communications networked across more the 200 countries. More information can be found at


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