BizUnite Launches First Independent Business Platform

Manchester, NH (July 14, 2008) – BizUnite announced today the launch of its Independent Business Platform, a tool that helps independent businesses (Davids) compete with their larger competitors (Goliaths).

BizUnite’s Independent Business Platform delivers “Goliath CloutSM” by offering tools such as cost savings (deeply discounted options on insurance, credit card processing, consumer financing, shipping, etc.), best practices, training and marketing specifically designed to increase sales and reduce costs. The platform also moves to unite and strengthen independent businesses by leveraging Web 2.0 technologies to help them network and collaborate with similar independents.

Backed by retail giant CCA Global Partners, BizUnite delivers “Goliath CloutSM” to independent businesses and organizations of independents alike, while allowing them to maintain their unique identity and independence. For nearly a quarter of a century, CCA Global has partnered with entrepreneurial retailers to create a cooperative retail powerhouse. Aggregate annual sales volume for the more than 3,600 participating stores of CCA Global’s affiliated companies’ reaches well into the billions. Now, with BizUnite, independent businesses and organizations of independents can benefit directly from CCA Global’s unmatched buying power of goods and services.

“Traditionally, corporate business services and overall cost-savings have favored the large, wealthy conglomerates, making it ever more difficult for the independent business to prosper,” said Howard Brodsky, CEO of BizUnite and Chairman/Founder of CCA Global Partners. “In the creation of BizUnite, we deliver the tools necessary to replicate this successful environment for a broad independent business community.”

BizUnite offers a remarkable solution for independents to thrive, allowing them to reach far beyond the limitations of being the “little guy” and to compete against much bigger corporate conglomerates. BizUnite also partners with organizations of independents to deliver tools that promote group benefits, grow memberships and streamline communication.

“The business environment is tumultuous and independent businesses don’t want to navigate their way alone,” said Evan Hackel, President of BizUnite. “BizUnite offers these businesses advantages that were never before possible in this market sector. The independent business now has the combination of Goliath Clout and nimbleness necessary to not only survive, but to thrive in an ever increasingly complex and competitive global marketplace.”

Visit to learn more about BizUnite and sign up and get “Goliath CloutSM.”

About BizUnite:

BizUnite is the leading independent business platform allowing Davids to compete with the Goliaths. The platform gives Davids “Goliath CloutSM” through cost saving programs, marketing resources, best practices and networking that increase sales and reduces costs. Independent businesses aren’t poised to thrive in today’s environment which is dominated by larger, more unified competitors. Only BizUnite delivers Goliath Clout while allowing a business to maintain its unique identity and independence. Founded in 2007 by retail powerhouse CCA Global Partners, BizUnite is located in Manchester, New Hampshire. More information about the company and services can be found at

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  1. Sonciary Honnoll

    I’m so excited that BizUnite is now in it’s public launch phase! How we see it is, independent businesses aren’t poised to thrive in today’s environment, which is dominated by larger, more unified competitors. So we created BizUnite – to give independents the clout they need to thrive. Check us out. 🙂

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