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Environmental Policy “Green Your Business” Guide

(July 31, 2008) – Environmental Policy has just released their new “Green Your Business” guide to help SME business owners as well as large corporations develop a meaningful environmental policy for their organisation.

Peter Hale founder of the site says “All businesses can help with the conservation of the environment by changing or reworking some of their current practices. These need not change how the business works and can save them money”.

The guide covers all functions of a business and even backroom departments can help and these are all covered in the guide including areas such as the accounting department.

Peter continues “Many suppliers are now asking for a copy of your environmental policy before they will add you to your supplier list. But this is the first step. Creating the right policy and communicating it effectively will create buy in throughout the organisation as well as help your business efficiencies and the environment at large.”

“We will also make a donation to the carbon trust for each guide that is downloaded.”

About Environmental Policy

Environmentalpolicy.org.uk is a new site set up to help businesses develop meaningful and acceptable policies for their environmental concerns and provides free advice for all business owners and management teams.

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