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Genbook Announces New Channel-Partner Program for Web Developers

San Francisco, CA (June 07, 2008) – Genbook, the category-leading company delivering Web 2.0 appointments to small businesses, today announced the launch of its channel-partner program for website developers. The new partnership program helps web developers deliver appointment generating and scheduling functionality to their clients, turning website visitors into booked appointments. The program is also designed to allow web developers to participate in Genbook’s generous revenue-sharing agreement.

“We want to give website developers a compelling incentive to discover the best online booking and scheduling service available on the Internet,” said Genbook CEO Rody Moore. “Online scheduling starts as a simple form-based solution but quickly scales into a full-blown, complex application. Genbook is a turnkey solution that eliminates all programming needs and it is as simple as adding a BookNow! button on a website. Service businesses can put that same BookNow! button in display ads, social networks, online classifieds; any place they can paste a small tag.”

Genbook lets web developers integrate a state-of-the-art Web 2.0 appointment-scheduling solution on any website in a matter of minutes. Through Genbook; small-business service providers, from mainstream and alternative medicine to massage therapists, spas, even accountants and lawyers, are now offering their clients a way to book services online 24/7, erasing the hassles and lost appointments that commonly result from phone tag and scheduling confusions.

“Genbook enables my team to offer appointments functionality as an added value to our web design services. Our clients get a great service and we get the benefit of a stronger client relationship,” said David Fields, Co-Owner of Think Brilliant Media Studios. “I have been offering Genbook to my clients without any financial reward. This program makes it even better.”

The BookNow! button, which links to a calendar for clients to book appointments, can be integrated into any website without any cost to the small business. Genbook Free also includes email alerts, customer feedback forms, and other customizable features. An optional upgrade to Genbook Standard, which includes a longer scheduling horizon, SMS alerts, iCal integration, customer credit card capture, and a client database, is $39.95 per month. Web developers will receive five dollars for each Genbook Free account they create. When their clients choose to upgrade to Genbook Standard, they will receive $40 plus an additional 15 percent of ongoing revenue through the first year.

“Until now, web developers were only able to offer displayware to their service-provider clients who wanted a website,” Moore continued. “With Genbook, developers enable their clients to finally participate in real e-commerce and harness the power of the Web to transform their businesses.”

Web developers can learn more about Genbook’s partnership program at http://www.genbook.com/becomeapartner.html

About Genbook, Inc.

Genbook, Inc. provides an easy-to-use, Web-based appointment booking solution for any small business website. Genbook’s appointment scheduler frees small businesses from the hassles of scheduling and offers their customers the convenience of booking appointments online, anytime, day or night. Genbook is a free service with available upgrade subscriptions. Genbook is a privately-held, venture capital-backed company headquartered in San Francisco. For more information, please visit www.genbook.com.

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