StarBoard Monitoring; First In Cell Phone Security

Vancouver, BC (July 10, 2008) – StarBoard Monitoring® is pleased
to announce the arrival of cell phone security and invite you to visit the newest and one of the most innovative on-line security Website services at

StarBoard is designed to offer added protection for children in all communities as well as working professionals including probation officers doing at-home client curfew checks, real estate agents showing homes alone to strangers, nurses conducting outpatients visits, delivery drivers, insurance agents selling plans alone at clients’ homes, Amway, Avon, May-Kay, Tupperware, Quixtar agents, by-law enforcement agents, Repossession Officers, and the list goes on.

StarBoard records Emergency/Locator Images submitted by members and automatically responds with notifying the emergency contacts listed by members at registration.

The images (with time and day stamp) are available to help locate lost members (primarily children) more easily as well as provide further insight for law agencies should there be a need to investigate further.

StarBoard also advocates the use of cell phones in the pursuit of safer neighbourhoods with its ‘Safercity’ program. This free program allows witnesses of violent crimes (in school or on the streets) to send in images and/or videos they may have captured from their cell phones or home computers.

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