Training By Design, a Corporate Change Firm, Relaunches as IGNITE

New York City (July 29, 2008) – Training By Design, an organizational development firm that has helped transform industry leaders such as Northwestern Mutual Financial
Network, Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, Millennium Pharmaceuticals, and Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard is now transforming itself. Today, the Melrose, Mass.-based firm will relaunch as IGNITE.

The rebrand, developed by Portsmouth, N.H.-based MicroArts Creative Agency, includes a new Web site (, logo, brand positioning, collateral materials and tagline: “Learn something. Spark everything.”

What will not change, said Grace Andrews, founder and chief sparkplug (the titles are new as well), are the company’s purpose and core values. “We’ve always been a high-energy, passionate group that kindles those life forces in organizations that make them more fulfilled and effective. We strive to set minds on fire with new ideas. We are all about creating lasting solutions, delivering dynamic training and conducting incomparable

According to Andrews, a take-no-prisoners motivator, speaker and strategist, the change came about when a good client and great friend said: “Dude, your website sucks and your materials are hard to look at. I can’t send them to anyone because they are an embarrassment.” “The truth is,” admitted Andrews, “that our name has not fit us for years, but we tolerated it.”

The firm of ten, which works all over the world but holds its most important internal meetings in the kitchen of Grace’s home, now has a brand identity as invigorating and enlivening as the work it does. Using humor, zest and insight, the team offers transforming programs that have propelled people and organizations to brilliant successes. “We won’t take on a client that is not ignitable,” explained Andrews. “They must want to work smarter, more productively and with more enthusiasm. When they do, we absolutely get

Part of the firms success is rooted in its unusually personalized approach. Ignite only engages clients with who the firms twelve executives, now with titles such as Ignition Specialist, Synergist and Keeper of the Flame, can truly be in partnership. As Andrews puts it, “we don’t have a client we don’t love.”

Ignite, founded in 1992 by Grace Andrews and Jackie Sonnabend, trains, motivates and coaches people in a wide range of industries. The Melrose, Mass.-based firm operates on the premise that success starts with people. When a firm can inspire positive change in its staff, it is well on its way toward remarkable achievement. The central points of Ignite’s work are: executive coaching, supervision training, effective communication, purposeful teambuilding, and customer care. Through personalized analysis and guided self-discovery, Ignite helps organizations train managers to supervise more meaningfully, communicate effectively, solidify community, and perfect the customer service experience. Grace Andrews is best known as an executive coach who helps leaders master the art of coaching their executives. Andrews’ keynote speaking engagements, which focus on better
ways to lead, have inspired groups around the world.

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