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(New York, NY — June 25, 2008) — For the first time, anyone can quickly and easily create professional looking Flash websites and widgets. This can be done without being a programmer or designer with a new online application called Wix (

Flash websites and widgets are the hottest web trend, they are visually stunning and provide a great customer experience. Yet up until Wix, only corporations with deep pockets could afford such professional-quality websites and widgets, and the development cost or the technical difficulties they require.

With Wix’s online editing platform, anyone can now build stunning flash websites and widgets that look like they have been created by a team of professionals.

Today, Wix is launching its open beta and is calling all users — from small business owners, young social media addicts to parents who want family sites and web designers. To try Wix for free, go to:

Users can easily design original web content that includes audio, video, animation, images, music and text that can be published anywhere — as standalone web sites, on social networks, or on blogs. In addition, users can import content from YouTube or Flickr.

“Until now, users required a certain level of coding experience to develop these kinds of widgets and sites,” said Allon Bloch, Wix co-CEO. “Wix puts unrestrained quality web design in the hands everyone — it’s an outlet for unlimited creative expression that’s as fun as playing a video game.”

Wix can be used in multiple ways, including:

  • Users can create their own original Flash-based web sites that have the exact same functionality of a regular web site, and are search engine friendly
  • Users can embed an expandable space — with features similar to a web site — on their MySpace page to provide extra room for self expression.
  • Users can embed Flash-based objects called comments in their social network profile pages to showcase personal messages, greeting cards, humorous comments, etc

“We have found that many of our private beta users started using Wix for a specific application, such as a party invite, but then shifted to building a full, multi-paged site,” said Avi Abrahami, Wix co-CEO. “We actually embrace all usages of Wix — whether it’s an individual widget, a personal web site, an artist page, or a web site for an emerging business.”

In addition, many musicians and artists are already using Wix as a promotional tool — allowing fans to create their own user-generated web content. For example, the rap artist, Kid Sister, is currently promoting her Kanye West collaboration, “Pro-Nails.” To participate in the promotion, please go to:

About Wix

Wix ( is New York City headquartered provider of an authoring platform that allows users to create striking and easy-to-build web content in flash (web sites, widgets, blogs etc), and publish it anywhere they want online. Users can create content without coding in flash/html or being constrained by templates. At the heart of the product is the drag and drop editor that allows users to pull in any content from the web or from their own media files (video, audio, animation, text etc) and create web content.

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