Free Financial Tool Offered to All U.S. Veterans

Middleburg, Va. (August 22, 2008) – MyBizHomepage, a web-based small business, today announced its commitment to helping U.S. military veterans succeed in becoming entrepreneurs and launching and growing small businesses of their own.

“We are a boot-strap company, and we know how difficult it is to start and maintain a business,” said Peter Justen, president and CEO of MyBizHomepage. “We believe there is nothing more important than helping other small businesses succeed, especially those owned by veterans, who have made sacrifices to serve our country.”

As part of that commitment, MyBizHomepage is giving a free copy of QuickBooks Simple Startâ„¢ to all U.S. veterans and is providing them with a free financial tool that allows them to better understand their business’ finances and to view their QuickBooks data on an easy-to-read dashboard. In addition, MyBizHomepage has designed a special website ( specifically tailored to veterans.

“Providing Quickbooks and making the MyBizHomepage site and the service it offers accessible and user-friendly to veteran small business owners is just our way of showing thanks to these men and women for all they have done for us,” said Justen. “We only hope that the features and capabilities which the site offers to veterans convey the deep level of our gratitude.”

The recently upgraded MyBizHomepage platform will provide veterans with more financial tools than ever, including: MyBizMetricsTM, an easy-to-read graphical display of QuickBooks data in multiple formats, including pie charts, bar charts and numeric values. The MyBizDashboard will also display alerts and notifications about important and timely financial information critical to the success of a small business. “Cash in Your Pocket” notifications will tell users how much cash they’re spending and how much time they have left before their cash runs out. Notifications can also be sent by email and optional text messaging directly to a user’s cell phone.

The site also provides valuable social media Web 2.0 features, including forums, events and the ability for veterans and other small business owners to build online profiles and share them within the community. Veterans will also be able to submit their own products and services to the community and receive valuable feedback and reviews by utilizing the MyBizHomepage Connect to SuccessTM feature.

The site has already garnered the support of many “vetrepreneurs”.

“ is an invaluable managerial tool in my business and I use it everyday because it’s easy and simple to understand,” said retired Army Lt. Col. Joseph Silbaugh, adding that the website is also a place for veterans to meet and talk to other veterans. “I strongly urge my brothers and sisters of the armed forces to use” was designed specifically for entrepreneurs and small businesses. The company’s proprietary technology simply extracts data from the business owner’s QuickBooks software, and pushes that data to their desktop via a web browser. The data then appears in an easy-to-use graphic “dashboard” which displays easy-to-understand key financial metrics.

About MyBizHomepage

MyBizHomepage is a free, web-based service that provides easy to use financial analytics and other information to help small and emerging businesses run more smoothly and profitably. The site gives entrepreneurs and small business owners a comprehensive view of their business-critical financial information in real time and in plain English, empowering them to understand more of their own business.

The Company’s proprietary software synchronizes with and extracts data from the user’s QuickBooks software, whether it’s entered by them or their accountant, and then pushes that data to their desktop in an easy-to-understand, easy-to-customize graphic “financial dashboard,” displayed alongside Google search, news updates, calendar and other information as the default start page for Internet Explorer. If the user does not have QuickBooks, MyBizHomepage provides them with a complimentary copy of QuickBooks Simple Start for their use.

Launched in 2006, MyBizHomepage is now used by entrepreneurs and small businesses across a variety of industries in 43 countries.

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