Sprinkle Some Sugar On Your Biz

bizSugarBizSugar is a content sharing/ voting site for small businesses. Entrepreneurs, small business owners, management and employees can share news, blog posts, videos, trends, tips and strategies for their business.

You set up an account (takes just a few minutes). Then you can share links to blog posts and other content. It’s a way to discover new blogs — and also a way for others to discover your blog.

We asked John Holsen, Founder of bizSugar.com, to share his insider tips on how to use the site.

Below are 5 tips John provided for entrepreneurs and business owners to highlight and share our best content:

  • Take a close look at your headlines. A headline that makes sense on your original website may be confusing or seem out of context when displayed with the other bizSugar articles. Create a headline the provides a clear benefit or reason to read the article. If you decide to stick with the original headline, be sure to strip off any extraneous information that was loaded automatically by the bizSugar software. Those extra words dilute the power of your headline.
  • Create a longer description. If you wrote the article and you’d like your bizSugar submission to provide traffic to your website long after it’s been on the front page, write a description that is longer than a single sentence. Search engines spider bizSugar on a consistent basis, and pages with a significant amount of content get indexed and added to the search engine results pages. I’ve seen descriptions with as few as 60 words show up on page one of Google’s search results. Those same pages have been pulling traffic for months.
  • Limit your number of submissions per day. Some bloggers will dump just about every article they’ve ever written onto bizSugar all at once. Unfortunately, those articles can’t garner enough votes quick enough before they get buried by other people’s submissions. Try to limit the number of link submissions to around three to five per day.
  • Don’t bother trying to blatantly promote a website, product or service. If our members don’t bury you with “sour votes,” our administrators will remove your article, and possibly you, from the system.
  • Use our sort-by-date option. Users who are unfamiliar with social news sites often wonder why the top-voted articles don’t rise to the top. If they did, those same articles would continue to get votes and new articles would never get a chance. However, you can look at our highest ranked articles by using the orange sort-by-date links near the top of the front page. The sort-by-date options allow you to see the top articles for the day, week, month and year.

John was also a recent guest on The Small Business Trends Radio Show in an interview titled, “Avoid These Common Pitfalls When Starting A Business.” He shared tips to identify common mistakes that business owners make when starting and marketing their businesses. He also spent a few minutes explaining how and why he started bizSugar.com, which is one of several businesses that he runs simultaneously.

Why not give your business some love by sprinkling a little marketing sugar on it — over at bizSugar.com?


Staci Wood After being a 20+ year member of "the rat race," Staci traded in her office, opted out, and joined the virtual world and the Small Business Trends community. Staci is the Chief Operations Officer for Small Business Trends, LLC and has 18 years of experience with the company. She is responsible for client relations, marketing and branding, web page development and user experience.

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  1. Thank you for the posting my tips!

    As soon as I read them I realized, duh, I forgot to include two important tips:

    6. Our bizSugar bookmarklet makes it easy to submit articles from your browser’s links bar.

    7. Have a blog? Add one of bizSugar’s voting buttons. Doing so helps spread the word about bizSugar, encourages readers to submit your articles, and helps you get votes even after your story is no longer on the front page.

    Both of these tools are available at http://www.bizsugar.com/tools.php

  2. Martin Lindeskog

    John Holsen,

    Will you create more sizes of widgets for Blogger? My left and right columns are about 160 px width.

  3. Thanks for posting these great tips. As a pr consultant, I am always looking for fresh and exciting ways to share my content and suggestions for entrepreneurs. Bizsugar.com sounds like a great opportunity. Can’t wait to sign up!


  4. @Martin Lindeskog, thanks for the suggestion. I just posted a 160X350 version in the tools area. We just launched those widgets on Friday, so we’re open to any feedback.

  5. John Holsen,

    Thanks for the new version. I have added it to my blog and I have written a short post on bizSugar.

  6. I have recently just came across BizSugar and have only looked around a bit. Thank you for posting these tips. This will come in handy when I start sharing content. The interview was great also. All very helpful information.

  7. How to promote a website

    This social bookmarking and networking site is a great tool for small to medium-sized business owners and managers which you makes it easier to learn about new business strategies, tactics, trends, and news.

  8. Yes, it is a great social book marking website. Thanks Staci for letting us know about this website.

  9. Valentine Belonwu

    Bizsugar has been a great community so far because it keeps inspiring me everyday. I’ve been a fan of it since 4years now.

    Thanks John for sharing more tips about the site.

  10. I have taken a much more proactive approach using Biz Sugar over the lat few months and love the community. Not only am I seeing great traffic gains, but just a fantastic community of bloggers.