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Sprinkle Some Sugar On Your Biz

bizSugarBizSugar is a content sharing/ voting site for small businesses. Entrepreneurs, small business owners, management and employees can share news, blog posts, videos, trends, tips and strategies for their business.

You set up an account (takes just a few minutes). Then you can share links to blog posts and other content. It’s a way to discover new blogs — and also a way for others to discover your blog.

We asked John Holsen, Founder of bizSugar.com [1], to share his insider tips on how to use the site.

Below are 5 tips John provided for entrepreneurs and business owners to highlight and share our best content:

John was also a recent guest on The Small Business Trends Radio Show in an interview titled, “Avoid These Common Pitfalls When Starting A Business [2].” He shared tips to identify common mistakes that business owners make when starting and marketing their businesses. He also spent a few minutes explaining how and why he started bizSugar.com, which is one of several businesses that he runs simultaneously.

Why not give your business some love by sprinkling a little marketing sugar on it — over at bizSugar.com [1]?