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Blawg Review #177

Welcome to edition #177 of Blawg Review.  Blawg Review is a roundup of law blog posts — otherwise known as a blog carnival.

Back to business is the theme for this edition of Blawg Review.  In it we get the lawyers’ input on key business issues.

This is my third time hosting Blawg Review.  It’s a special honor for a business blog to host the roundup of law bloggers.  There are so many excellent law blogs (I’ve always said, lawyers are some of the best and most interesting bloggers).

OK, let’s get started:



icon-search Online

icon-productivityBusiness Operations

intellectual-propertyIntellectual Property

icon-worldEconomy and Trade

Thanks to all who contributed!  If your submissions weren’t included, it’s no reflection on quality.  I had numerous other blog articles to choose from, but chose those whose subject matter was most relevant to a small business audience.

Blawg Review is special because it is a peer-reviewed roundup of the best the blogosphere has to offer in law blog posts.  “Ed,” the anonymous Editor of Blawg Review and his two Sherpas, Diane Levin [17] and Colin Samuels [18], coordinate each week’s roundup by offering up suggestions for which blog posts to include. Many thanks to the three of them.

Blawg Review [19] has information about next week’s host, and instructions how to get your blawg posts reviewed in upcoming issues.