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Cubunga.com Brings Humor to Office Cubicle Workers

San Ramon, CA (September 16, 2008) – The brainchild of two veteran office cubicle workers, Cubunga.com launched today with the direct purpose of bringing humor and relief to the office cubicle workers of the world.

“There is a huge segment of the world’s population working in office cubicles, and they have earned a dedicated website run by people who understand their environment,” states co-founder Veronica Sawyer. “Laughter is good medicine, and in the stress and drudgery of the office environment it can be the best medicine. In short, I needed Cubunga.”

Cubunga.com is a blog containing the essential Web 2.0 tools for interaction and sharing. The Home page contains a summary of all activities, and the site has a few dedicated sections centered around office humor. The “Cooler” contains stories that make for good water cooler talk. Most are true and some border on the fanciful. The “Punch Lists” page is a mixture of the best and the worst of the office world organized into lists. The “Comics” section contains original creations of the Cubunga staff, plus a few guest comics.

The website also contains a growing list of clickable categories. These allow visitors to quickly access those topics that interest them the most. Current categories include Cube Life, Entertainment, Must Have Products, Odd News, Pranks, They Said What, and True Stories.

“Though it sounds cliché, Cubunga is real,” states co-founder Leonard Martens. “The content comes from the shared experiences of office cubicle workers, with humor guiding the final output. It is a level playing field where pretension easily stands out.”

Cubunga’s founders plan to use advertising revenue to cover operating expenses. Though the site is a for-profit enterprise, they understand that the relevancy and quality of the content will always be the sole drivers of success.

Founded in San Ramon, CA in 2008, Cubunga.com was established on the premise that office cubicle workers deserve and will enjoy humor and content relative to their work environment. Cubunga accepts and will publish select content from site visitors.

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