Sageworks, Inc. adds Valuation Section

Raleigh, NC (September 9, 2008) – Sageworks Inc., a financial information company and the developer of ProfitCents and Sageworks Analyst, announces that it is releasing an additional value section to the existing public company analysis platform at

The enhancement will supplement the ProfitCents Public reports that presently deliver a plain language text and industry analysis score for a company’s operating performance in the areas of liquidity, borrowing, assets, and profitability. The new section will differentiate a company’s intrinsic value from its market cap, as well as providing additional commentary and graphical comparisons on earnings and relative value in the market.

Specific parameters will include a price to valuation analysis based on discounted cash flows, a trailing 12 month P/E ratio, and a dividend yield for investor interest. Related graphs will illustrate price to value for the company vs. the industry average, as well as the P/E ratio vs. the industry average. An additional graph will also compare a company’s dividend yield with the S&P 500 average. A final section will provide details describing how the valuation was performed.

Brian Hamilton, CEO and co-founder Sageworks, Inc. comments, “With ProfitCents Public, there is no incentive, no conflict of interest and no bias. Our goal is to provide you with high quality information to make better decisions”.

About Sageworks, Inc.

Sageworks is a financial services and information company based in Raleigh, North Carolina. Recently named to the Inc. 500’s list of fastest growing privately held companies in the United States, Sageworks is the developer of FIND (Financial Information into Narrative Data), a patented artificial intelligence technology that converts financial numbers into plain-language. Sageworks has licensed its core technology to thousands of accounting firms, financial institutions, and information providers.

For more information on Sageworks, please visit their corporate website at and product website at

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