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If you read this site through a feedreader, you may have missed visiting our Small Business Success Center. That would be a shame, because you’d miss some great resources.

Down the right side of all pages in the Small Biz Success Center you will find a collection of neat stuff from Windows Vista (our sponsor of that section).

Windows Vista Small Business Assurance program

The resources include:

  • Case studies — Read about small businesses that are using Windows Vista. These case studies are some of the most detailed I’ve seen — giving tips and pointers about what Vista can do. For instance, check out the case study about Everything Digital, an IT consulting company. It talks about using Vista gadgets, including something intriguing for quickly creating screenshots on your computer, called the Snipping Tool.
  • FAQs — There’s a special page to answer questions about Vista and what it can do for small businesses.
  • Free support and coaching — A special program is in effect through December 31, 2008. It’s called Windows Vista Assurance. When you buy a new PC with Windows Vista Business or Windows Vista Ultimate, you’ll receive free support and one-on-one coaching from Microsoft to ensure a smooth transition to Vista. The program is designed for small businesses.
  • Test drive — A special presentation gives you the ability to “take a test drive” of Vista features. (When you click through the case studies links and reach the page with the video player, click the green button underneath the video player that says “Test Drive Windows Vista.”)
  • Special offers — You’ll find a package of discounts on PCs and upgrades through Microsoft’s partners, including PC Builders, Dell, HP, TigerDirect, Best Buy for Business, and Amazon.

Check out all the Vista resources. They’re well worth exploring. You will find links to all of them conveniently located on the right side of the Small Business Success Center.


Anita Campbell - CEO

Anita Campbell Anita Campbell is the Founder and Publisher of Small Business Trends and has been following trends in small businesses since 2003. She is the owner of BizSugar, a social media site for small businesses, and also serves as CEO of

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  1. You know, I never really noticed that the sidebar was different on those pages than they are on the regular post pages. I just never took the time to look at them, I just assumed they were the same, duh! I’m gonna have to look thru those now.

  2. Anita Campbell

    Hi Amanda, yes, what I like about everything on the right sidebar of that section is that it’s “informational.”

    Folks, please take the time to check those resources out. There’s a lot — I mean a lot — of valuable info.


  3. Microsoft has great (and mostly FREE!) resources for Small Businesses. I’m a big fan of their Office Live Small Business which gives users a lot of the basic tools for free. This is something that Apple just hasn’t been able to grasp and why they haven’t been able to make much of a showing in the business world to date.

  4. Anita Campbell

    Good point, Friendly Computer Guy!

  5. Wow, sounds as if there’s quite a bit of knowledge and insight with regards to the usage of Vista there. I’m going to have to go check that out not. I have Vista and I’m sure I could learn a thing or two there.

  6. Martin Lindeskog

    Plenty of information! How is it going with the new design and layout of the site?

  7. In addition to YFNCG,

    Yes, Apple did not realize that and even compatibility issues with Apple are really disgusting.

  8. By the way, YFNCG: I checked out Microsoft Office Live Small Business community and it seems to be really helpful. Thanks for bringing that up here. Microsoft really sought for ways to provide small business owners a space from them.

  9. @ Rose – Glad to hear it! I’ll be blogging about my experience wsith them soon.

  10. I like that Small Biz Success Center. My fav is case studies. You can learn a lot of there. You will get everything in one place.

  11. Businesses for sale

    Used XP for years and Im so sad that its been replaced. Vista just feels really uncomfortable to use. The word that springs to mind to mind is “boring”. XP was like an advenure. Yes it had its problems but once you ot the hang of it you really felt intelegent. Vista’s one buttom fix all appoach takes the fun out of it.

    Or maybe I’m just scared of change. Quite possibly…

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