Balihoo Announces The Launch Of Marketer Edition

Boise, ID (September 3, 2008) – Balihoo, the leading provider of advertising productivity tools that dramatically streamline the media buying process across all media types, announced today the launch of Balihoo Marketer Edition. Balihoo also announced today that CCA Global Partners, one of the largest privately held companies in the United States, will roll out Balihoo Marketer Edition over the next year across its affiliated companies representing more than 3,600 locations worldwide.

Balihoo Marketer Edition is a web-based software application that provides national brands the ability to consistently implement distributed demand-generation efforts by centralizing the management and execution of all local marketing activities. Providing a branded portal environment, Balihoo Marketer Edition streamlines the process by which local dealers and cooperatives access and customize corporate-approved creative – and launch demand generation campaigns across all mediums.

CCA Global Partners’ affiliated business, Carpet One Floor & Home, will begin using Balihoo Marketer Edition immediately, with other affiliated companies to introduce the service over the next 12 months.

By driving creative consistency, best practices in marketing and media, and aggregated media buying power throughout the organization, Balihoo Marketer Edition delivers true value to the distributed marketing model for franchisors, co-op marketers and product manufactures to support their local dealers.

Balihoo Marketer Edition delivers:

Lower marketing costs – By consolidating advertising spending across the network of local dealers and aggregating their buying power, Balihoo Marketer Edition maximizes marketing budgets at the local level.

Brand consistency – Balihoo Marketer Edition’s centralized access to all creative materials ensures that local marketing efforts are undertaken in concert with the national brand.

Improved effectiveness of local marketing – By providing local affiliates with simple creative customization and proven, easy-to implement marketing activities across all mediums, Balihoo Marketer Edition substantially increases the success of local marketing efforts.

“We have always placed a high value on innovation when it comes to running our businesses and delivering quality results for our cooperatives and their customers,” said Dean Marcarelli, Chief Marketing Officer of CCA Global Partners. “Balihoo Marketer Edition will empower our members to efficiently and economically communicate with a clear, consistent voice to their local customers.”

Balihoo Marketer Edition complements Balihoo Agency Edition, launched in June 2007, and Balihoo Publisher Edition, launched in July, 2008.

Balihoo Agency Edition provides media buyers with one central location for media research, planning, knowledge sharing, and communicating directly with media sellers. Balihoo Publisher Edition allows media owners and publishers to offer their inventory directly to media buyers through a publisher branded portal.

“Today’s media landscape is more fragmented and confusing than ever for marketers,” said Pete Gombert, Balihoo’s founder and CEO. “For the first time ever, Balihoo Marketer Edition enables national brands to provide their independent dealers with powerful, cost-effective advertising tools that target individual markets with corporate-approved, consistent messaging and branding.”

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