Launches Background Verification Service

New York, N. Y. (October 21, 2008) –, a modern web-based background checking service, has created a new, cost effective way for companies of all sizes to efficiently conduct background verifications on their job candidates. BeenVerified prevents candidates from misrepresenting themselves and their capabilities during the hiring process, while giving the candidates being screened unprecedented visibility and control of their information.

Traditional background verification is an expensive black-box process designed primarily for big business. In the past, high costs and the complexity of the reports have put the benefits of such services out of reach for small and medium businesses. BeenVerified is updating the background verification model with a simple, fast and affordable service that gives employers the information they need, and employees control over their information.

“BeenVerified makes the employment screening process as simple and as cost effective as possible, without sacrificing on the quality. In fact, we pull our information from the same sources as the Fortune 500 background checking companies, but incorporate social networking and web 2.0 technologies.” said Josh Levy, CEO of BeenVerified. “We’ve brought the professional background verification industry into the 21st century and priced it for companies of all sizes – the ones we call the Fortune 25 Million.”

How does it work?

After logging onto BeenVerified and creating an account, an employer simply inputs the name and email address of the candidate in question. They then have the option to pick and choose what they want verified (past jobs, educational degrees, or skill certifications). Unlike other background checking companies, BeenVerified gives businesses and individuals the opportunity to pick and choose what they want verified. Sometimes one piece of information is all that is needed to draw a conclusion, and companies can do so for as little as $10 by using BeenVerified.

Protect and Verify an Identity

Businesses often times hire individuals from the thousands of random job sites available on the internet without vetting the legitimacy of the website or the job candidate that posts their resume on it. The danger for a business in this situation is that individuals can easily masquerade themselves as just about anyone. By using BeenVerified, businesses can feel confident that they are hiring legitimate candidates with verified backgrounds. In addition, job seekers using BeenVerified are able to share their verified credentials with an employer, which lends credibility to their candidacy and helps them stand out from the competition.

Power to the People

BeenVerified is the first and only service to give individuals being verified complete control and visibility over their information. This allows job applicants to choose who can see their information, and the ability to challenge any inaccuracies that may exist. Once created, candidates can keep their verification for life, reducing the need for duplicate background checks in the future. Proactive screening can also help job seekers stand out from the competition when applying for positions.

About BeenVerified

Founded in New York City in 2007, BeenVerified is a web 2.0 employment candidate background verification service geared towards small to medium sized businesses and individuals. By offering a uniquely simple, fast and affordable verification process, BeenVerified aims to give employers the information they need, and employees, the ability to have true control over their information. BeenVerified also works as an Open API, enabling partner websites to use its service. Please visit for more information.

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