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Brownbook.net Announces Launch Of ‘User Earnings’ Program

(October 23, 2008)– Brownbook.net, the world’s largest user contributed local business directory, today announces the launch of the ‘User Earnings’ program. The program allows all users to benefit from their contributions to the community, through earning a share of the lifetime revenue they’re helping to generate.

“A traditional business directory regards its advertising sales force as a key asset, and they’re attention today is on working out how to leverage that asset in the face of competition on the web. What we’re proposing is that the traditional sales force is a dinosaur and the real power lies with the community of users,” says David Ingram, CEO of Brownbook.net. “Moreover we’re prepared to reward our community by paying them an ongoing share of the revenue they’re helping to generate when businesses claim or enhance their listings”.

How it works:

All registered users that add business listings, make updates to listings or leave reviews can participate in the program. When a business pays to claim or promote its listing the most recent user to have contributed to that listing earns a commission. But it’s not just a one-off payment; they also earn when the business adds further promotions, and when they renew each subsequent year.

Everyone gets to see exactly how much and on which transactions they’re earning in their account page, making the program totally transparent and easy to understand. People need only to register to participate, and when they make contributions they’re eligible to earn if that business listing is subsequently claimed.

Of Brownbook’s existing members, over 8,000 will immediately start to benefit from the program. This will grow rapidly as thousands of businesses continue to be added by users every week and visitor numbers continue to increase by 20% week on week.

About Brownbook.net:

Founded in 2008, Brownbook.net is the world’s largest user contributed local business directory with over 27 million businesses listed in 230 countries, providing local search capabilities to millions of Internet users and allowing businesses of all sizes to attract new customers through searches on Brownbook.net and the major search engines.

Brownbook.net is the first to directly reward the people that contribute to the directory, through a revenue-sharing program that enables any and every one of its registered users to share in the success of the service.

Built upon the foundations of wiki-principles and collaborative production, transparency and openness between users, low or no-cost services for businesses, totally self-service processes, and rewarding users, Brownbook.net aims to be THE global business directory.

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