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Dell Vostro Desktop Line Gets an A+ from Customer

ROUND ROCK, Texas (October 16, 2008) – Dell today announced its redesigned Vostro(TM) desktop line for small businesses, with enhancements such as increased storage and expandability based on ongoing customer feedback. Starting at $319, the Vostro 220, 220s and 420 are available today in North America, tomorrow in most of South America, followed by Asia Pacific and Japan Oct. 20, Europe, Middle East and Africa Nov. 3 and Brazil Nov. 11. For more information, visit dell.com/vostro and Dell’s new small-business blog direct2dell.com/smallbusiness to join the conversation.

Dell continues to enhance its Vostro portfolio to address the top technology issues facing small-business customers. These include easy-to-use and maintain computer systems, data storage, and quality service and support, all at a price small businesses can afford.

Building on a strong recommendation rate of 98 percent from current Vostro customers, new Vostro desktops deliver more of what customers demand in a small-business PC and address many of their top pain points. Key improvements include:

— Refined industrial design with a glossy front;

— Greater convenience through redesigned optical drive bays;

— Increased internal storage capacity with one terabyte hard drives offering up to 4 terabytes of internal storage in the Vostro 420;

— Standard 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet across full line for fast network access; and

— The Vostro 420 high-performance system also offers dual display capability, and more expandability and flexibility with 10 total USB ports and seven total PCI/PCIe expansion slots for more network, sound or graphics cards.

New customer-driven features have also been added, including:

— The latest in Intel(R) technology and performance with the Intel G45 Express chipset;

— Optional Blu-Ray Disk(TM) drives for data storage and video playback;

— PS/2 and serial ports to enable use of older devices; and

— The Vostro 420 offers an eSATA connector to transfer data to an external storage device faster than with USB.

Ideal for small businesses with simple networks, Vostro meets customer demands for quality, reliability and worry-free services. Small-business technicians don’t follow scripts and are specially trained to understand technical issues as well as customers’ unique business environments. ProSupport services give customers the ability to customize and tailor IT support options to fit their technical expertise and business needs, including 24/7 proactive maintenance, how-to guidance and popular software support for non-technical users.

“Even with a strong shift to mobile computing, desktops continue to be an integral part of most business computing environments,” said Darrel Ward, director of commercial desktops, Dell Product Group. “With a 98-percent recommendation rate on our Ratings & Reviews site, customers are telling us that they will choose Vostro when it comes time to buy their next small-business PC.”


Dell Inc. listens to customers and delivers innovative technology and services they trust and value. Uniquely enabled by its direct business model, Dell is a leading global systems and services company and No. 34 on the Fortune 500. For more information, visit www.dell.com, or to communicate directly with Dell via a variety of online channels, go to www.dell.com/conversations. To get Dell news direct, visit www.dell.com/RSS.

Based on cumulative customer ratings and reviews results on dell.com as of 9-24-08. Cumulative of the customer ratings for all systems — 547 out of 558 customers total would recommend Vostro desktops.

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