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12 Low-Cost Marketing Ideas for the Ho-Ho-Ho-lidays!

holiday marketing tips

I’m not a big fan of Christmas and year-end holiday cards. They are not only expensive, but boring and predictable. Every year I look for low cost marketing ideas for the holidays.

Here are my two criteria for holiday marketing ideas:

This year, I thought it would be fun to share some of the creative ideas I’ve found along the way.

1. Dress up Your Website like Google

Decorate your website for the holidays [1].

Do it not just for the year-end Holiday season – but for EVERY holiday that comes along.

This idea is not only easy, but fun and will bring a smile to your web and blog visitors’ faces. If you don’t have a designer of your own – use go here and have them do a series of logos with fun holiday flair.

Do you use Twitter for social media? Then take it one step further, and decorate your Twitter background, too. You can do the same with your Facebook cover image. Lots of graphic design tools like Canva and PicMonkey help you make a social media cover image easily.

2. Try Personalizing or Customizing

These days there are so many fun and interesting ways to personalize just about anything.

3. Meet Your Customers Half-way

One auto shop owner told customers to bring their own oil and washer fluid and they would change their oil at a reduced rate.

Take a look at your business process. What opportunities do you have to save your customers money by letting them “contribute” to the work? And make it an experience, rather than the same old, same old.

I thought of this one when a client was telling me about a restaurant where you cook your own food. I remember thinking – why go out? But that particular restaurant was selling the experience and ambiance rather than the food.

4. Create a Video Card

YouTube videos have become a popular form of cost-effective promotion.  You can also load it on your website.  And send a link in an email.

Why not pull your group together and sing a Holiday Song. Do some subtle product placement or shout outs to customers.

Or commission something on Fiverr.com.  You can get one in a week.

5. Give A Personalized Team Picture

Here’s one of the most low cost marketing ideas for the holidays. Simply take a picture.

Create a group shot in the lobby. Or create a collage using candid shots of individuals around the company. Show team members “in action” – making the product your customer uses or taking a call.

You can also include photos from your annual customer appreciation event if you have one. Or include any other pictures you may have taken at events.

This helps create a personal bond between people in your company and your customers.

6. Create 12 Days of “Your Product”

Create a special promotion with 12 days of your product or service.  Or create a product of the month. Feature a product or service every day or every week during the Holidays — or every month throughout the year.

Many of your customers don’t even KNOW about — let alone purchase — all the different products and services you have to offer.

Companies in the food business use this strategy a lot. Think beer-of-the-month, cheese-cake of the-month, or coffee of the month.  But if you remember the “Book-of-the-Month” clubs, then you know that you can use this with many other products.  Cigars [4] or teddy bears [5] are just a few.

There aren’t too many companies offering services that do this. But I think some of these might be interesting:

7. Write a Free Holiday Survival Guide

I like low cost marketing ideas for the holidays that are integral to your business.

Creating a guide is great for any kind of consultant or services business.  It shows off your capabilities. We’re marketing experts — so we’re giving you this one!

Create a downloadable guide for your customers.

What are some tips and tricks you know because you’re an expert and an insider in your industry?  Think about what your customers would really appreciate learning.  What are questions they commonly ask?

Place these ideas into an e-book or PDF format.

8. Write Your own “Holiday Story”

Hire a writer, and take some pictures (or use your employees’ kids to create illustrations) around a holiday story.

You can develop a story that features some of your core corporate values wrapped around the holidays. Perhaps include some “case study” examples that feature your heroic capabilities. Put a humorous spin on it. It will be keepsake AND a promotional item for your customers.

For example, a few years ago, Mark Anderson, the professional cartoonist of Andertoons, created a small Thanksgiving booklet which he sent to customers. It contained a collection of his  Thanksgiving-themed cartoons. It was small and lightweight, and inexpensive to create and mail.  Yet it made a big impact.

How about a customized book? For instance, Blurb [6] is a tool that will let you create your very own high-end book.  This is a wonderful keepsake for customers.

9. Create a  Printed or Craft Holiday Ornament

Create ornaments for the tree highlighting your organization’s features and benefits. You can use little snowflakes printed with goodwill messages.  Create a design that’s a combination of text messages and pictures. Print them off, put in a hole punch, and add a ribbon so it can hang on the tree.

VOILA. It’s a daily reminder to your customers of why they choose you.

If you’ve got pictures of you and your customers taken over the past year — throw some of those in there. If you’re not that crafty — then create your ornament cards digitally on Moo.com and they’ll be shipped to you. All you have to do is hole punch and hang.

Or go to the craft store and find wooden ornament templates to hand decorate.  Or create edible goodies.  Do this for your best customers or perhaps even some of those prospects that have been on the fence.

10. Commission a Special Holiday Greeting

Some of you just can’t resist sending out holiday cards. So if you must, make it a special and unique card.

Commission a humorous cartoon through Andertoons [7], for example. Then once you have the custom image from him, use one of the online custom card-making applications like Zazzle or Moo to create your card.

Or talk with your local printer. Have the cards professionally printed in your own backyard.

11. Create a Customer Recipe Collection

Here’s one of those marketing ideas for the holidays that will also be memorable for years to come.

Instead of collecting recipes from friends and family, let your customers know that they are part of your family. How? By including THEIR favorite recipes mingled in with yours.

This will not only be a promotional tool, but a keepsake. Your customers will cherish it for a long time. Here is a downloadable recipe collection how-to article [8] to get you started (thanks to HP).

12. Holiday Cards and Invitations

Now, if you really insist on sending Holiday Cards, here are some low cost alternatives.

First, find a great stock image, and superimpose some text with a customized greeting on it.  Print it out on heavy stock card or have it printed at the local print store.

The trick is to pick an image with lots of “empty” space on it.  This means having a simple plain background.

See the image at the top of this article?  That is an example of an image with lots of open area (the lower third of the image, the part in brown).  You can place a text message using a graphics program such as PicMonkey on the open area.  That image was a free-to-use image from Pexels (with a Creative Commons license).

Here is an even simpler alternative. Simply download this PDF template [9] and type in your personal message. Then print it out on a nice heavy weight card paper and you’re all done.

And if you’re having a holiday get together for your office or any club or organization you belong to, try this easy template for a holiday party invitation [10].  It’s ideal to distribute, post or send.

When it comes to making an impact during the year-end holidays, even smaller businesses can run with the best of them.

Whatever level of effort and/or money you want to put into holiday marketing, there are plenty of low cost marketing ideas for the holidays to choose from. Start now while you still have plenty of lead time. Make sure your business is top of mind with customers when the holidays roll around.