Software-as-a-Service Solution Enables Organizations To Better Control IT Assets

Seattle, WA (October 15, 2008) – A new era in IT Asset Management has begun today with launch of the SAManage free SaaS service. For the first time, organizations around the world have an easy way to control and manage their IT assets, with minimal effort, and at absolutely no cost.

Using the free of charge SAManage IT Asset Management solution, IT departments are empowered with complete visibility into the entire IT environment, so they can more effectively manage their assets and ensure that assets are fully utilized. Delivered on-demand over the Internet, the SAManage solution provides a real-time view of PCs, laptops, servers, and other IT assets throughout the organization, including assets that are not connected to the company network. With the instant access to asset configuration data enabled by SAManage, IT departments are able to improve service levels, reduce problem resolution time, and easily audit changes to their assets.

The SAManage Software-as-a-Service application removes the costs and efforts associated with the deployment of traditional IT Asset Management solutions: it requires no hardware or software infrastructure, no implementation effort, and no ongoing maintenance. Now, with the launch of the free SAManage service, organizations and their IT departments can enjoy the benefits of SAManage at no cost whatsoever.

“With SAManage, there is no concern over all the usual IT issues such as hardware, software, capacity, performance… and no need to worry about service, implementation, and maintenance. This is a zero impact service that is practically seamless,” explains Micha Katz, head of technology at financial services company 10X Investments.

“The announcement of the SAManage free service comes at a time when organizations worldwide will be looking to reduce IT budgets and tighten controls to ensure that IT assets are utilized appropriately and effectively,” says Doron Gordon, SAManage founder and CEO. “We are happy to be able to provide organizations worldwide with tools and services that will enable them to face the demands of these challenging times.”

In addition to the free service, SAManage offers a premium plan that adds the ability to proactively detect IT-related risks such as illegal software, security gaps, or missing patches. Also included in the premium plan is an IT contract management module that provides a central repository for tracking and managing software licenses and IT contracts with providers of hardware, software, network, and other IT services. The premium plan is available at the low cost of $20 per computer per year.

“SAManage dynamically updates the information we are tracking and presents it in an actionable format, which means that we can immediately take action when a risk is identified anywhere throughout the organization,” says Miki Shvo, director of IT for Dassault Systèmes Israel. “By providing clear and accurate visibility into our IT inventory information and highlighting the areas that require attention, SAManage has eliminated a labor-intensive process that was a source for risks with the previous system,” adds Shvo.

Additional benefits realized by organizations using the SAManage solution include:

– Complete visibility to inventory and up-to-date configuration of PCs and software installed across the company
– Audit log of any changes to asset configuration and installed software
– A central repository for software licenses and IT contracts
– Immediate detection of risks such as illegal software, games, or unprotected computers
– Ongoing license compliance monitoring
– SaaS service delivers quick time-to-value with no servers or software to install and no implementation effort
– Extremely low risk with a service that is free forever

SAManage SaaS service is available immediately. For more information or to sign-up for an account, visit

About SAManage

SAManage is a leading provider of secure, on-demand IT Management services that helps companies manage their PC and software assets, organize software licenses and IT contracts, and detect risks and license compliance gaps. Delivered as an on-demand service with no software or servers required, SAManage empowers companies of all sizes with capabilities that were previously available only to large companies. SAManage is easily deployed across multiple locations within minutes and provides visibility into complex IT infrastructures, making it easy to automate and simplify the daily tasks associated with establishing IT governance, control, and compliance. For more information visit

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