Halon Security Meets Market Demand for Green Spam Prevention

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Gothenburg, Sweden (PRESS RELEASE – November 14, 2008) – Halon Security, a global provider of network security solutions, today announced the worldwide availability of Halon Virtual Spam Prevention for virtual servers. The launch responds to the global aspiration to reduce energy consumption, exemplified by the increasing number of companies that choose to deploy virtual servers before traditional energy-consuming servers.

Halon Virtual Spam Prevention (VSP) contains the same innovative solutions as the Halon Spam Prevention Gateway appliance series and is available for download from the company website to any virtual server. A full version of Halon VSP can be used for free for 30 days.

Over 80 per cent of all spam is effectively eliminated by Halon VSP already on TCP/IP level. This means Halon VSP can tell if the mail is spam or genuine even before the mail reaches the server, thereby significantly reducing network load and storage requirements. The technology used, called Global View, is part of the Halon VSP licensed version and builds on globally collected information on known spammers and Zombie infected computers in real time. All in all, Halon VSP prevents 99.9 per cent of all spam.

“Halon Spam Prevention offers the best and most effective methods to sort the steady flow of spam mail to enable users to manage valid mail without any unnecessary time delays,” said Peter Falck, CEO at Halon Security. “Halon’s solution is safe, cost-effective, reliable and timesaving for our customers.”

Additionally, Halon VSP employs the patented RPD (Recurrent Pattern Detection) technology from Commtouch, which distinguishes between spam mail and genuine mail based on pattern analysis. Even though the content of spam mail might differ, the pattern of the more than 150 billion spam mails distributed every day is largely the same. The collected pattern analysis is communicating with Halon VSP in real time.

Halon VSP holds a three-layer virus protection, of which the RPD technology provides one level of protection, preventing viruses distributed through e-mail. Often these outbreaks are over in less than 30 minutes and the major anti-virus providers rarely have time to release a fix before the outbreak is over and the virus already has done harm.

Many employees use the work computer at home during evenings and weekends, exposing the computer to viruses through the home network. An infected computer brought back to the office as a “zombie”, waiting to be activated, can infect the office network, thereby increasing the risk of the company domain name being blacklisted as a spammer. This would raise obstacles for company employees to send e-mails until the spam label has been fully removed. Halon VSP does not make a distinction between outbound and inbound traffic which eliminates the risk of the company’s IP address being blacklisted my mistake through the use of infected computers within the network.

“The Halon VSP user interface is unique because of its user-friendliness. It is extremely easy to create process flows for separate domains or domain groups,” said Peter Falck. “This makes the total cost of ownership for Halon VSP considerably lower, as the administrator’s time for maintenance is greatly reduced.”

Halon VSP allows for users to include their own scripts into the interface and they also get access to a quarantine interface that makes it easy to delete or whitelist e-mails flagged as suspicious. The possibility to connect multiple e-mail accounts to the same quarantine is a standard option with Halon VSP and it automatically verifies the authenticity of the sender’s e-mail address to ensure the sending server is authorized to send e-mail on behalf of that address.

About Halon Security

Halon Security offers IT security products in network security and spam prevention since 2002. The products are developed on the market’s most secure operating system, BSD, and have received multiple top ratings in media due to outstanding performance, dynamics, and innovative functionalities. Halon Security products are sold throughout Europe, Asia and North America. Halon Security is based in Gothenburg, Sweden. For more information, please visit http://www.halonsecurity.com.

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