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Networking Portal Launches For University Entrepreneurs

(November 1, 2008)– At a time when graduates from leading universities face an increasingly challenging job market, Campus Venture Network, Inc. is launching StudentBusinesses.com, a free online platform that connects young entrepreneurs with business partners, mentors and investors who can help them launch successful startups.

Since the site’s beta launch in late 2007, thousands of aspiring university innovators have joined the network; while students from over 50 top universities have profiles on the site, the two universities with the most members are Harvard and MIT.

The public launch – taking place on November 1, 2008 – comes at a time when university students are facing a rapidly changing hiring landscape, and more and more are turning to alternative career paths such as entrepreneurship. CEO Travis May says the following: “While most graduates of leading universities in recent years have gravitated towards jobs on Wall Street and in management consulting, the current climate has caused many students to reconsider their path. StudentBusinesses.com gives students the opportunity to explore an entrepreneurial career instead.”

“Despite major successes such as Facebook and Google originating in universities, May says that most students are faced with significant barriers to finding the right partners and resources with which to build their nascent companies. By focusing on an elite subset of entrepreneurs in universities, StudentBusinesses.com is able to create a concentrated community of the promising active startups from across the country.”

The website also helps investors, law firms, and other service providers identify top startups. Steven Welch, a partner at DreamIt Ventures, used the StudentBusinesses.com beta version to find members for the first class of its incubator program. Welch says: “StudentBusinesses.com is an excellent tool for aspiring entrepreneurs. It provides a mechanism to network with top-caliber people of diverse backgrounds, along with valuable resources to help guide entrepreneurs through the rough waters of starting a business. It will help many aspiring entrepreneurs, now more than ever.”