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Last week I helped introduce you to Twitter and how you can use it as a small business. This week, it’s time to learn about an amazing resource called According to the site…

What is bizSugar?

If you’ve felt overwhelmed by the massive amount of business information online, then this site is for you. bizSugar is a social bookmarking and networking site for small to medium-sized business owners and managers. It allows you to submit, share and vote for the best business information links on the Internet.

bizSugar makes it easier to learn about new business strategies, tactics, trends, and news. You can discover websites that provide answers to many of your business challenges, meet other business owners and managers that share your interests, and help others by sharing your knowledge.

Ever been to If so, you get what is. It’s just like that in functionality, but for business content only. That means that you can avoid all the pop culture stories about Britney’s dog that aren’t going to help your business make money. That’s a good thing.


Jim Kukral Jim Kukral is a professional speaker, blogger and Web business consultant who has helped small businesses and large companies like Fedex, Sherwin Williams, Ernst & Young and Progressive Auto Insurance understand how find success on the Web. His latest book is "Internet Marketing for Business Answers."

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  1. I’ve always said that social bookmarking has a lot of noise which is why I was so thrilled to find BizSugar a while back. Once again, great video, Jim!

  2. I’ve been using BizSugar for a few months now and it’s been a great way to get visits from readers who are interested in what I’m writing. It’s also been a wonderful way to find other relevant articles from around the web.

  3. Nice video, Jim! Thanks for such a professional job on this series. I’m proud to have them branded with my brand.

    — Anita

  4. I have only started to use Biz Sugar and your video has filled in a few gaps that I had not explored. Thanks

  5. Wow. Wonderful video.

    Would like to ask Jim, if there’s any control from the bizsugar webmasters on the content submitted. Like, what if, somebody submitted a content irrelevant to business? The site should not accept the submission, right? Do they have that feature? I believe that is quite important so that bizsugars will be one destination for all business related queries. 🙂

  6. Great site and a nice resource for small biz info…thanks for passing it along!

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  7. Mary, thanks. You’d have to ask the people at bizSugar about that, but I’m sure they have something in place to stop unrelated content from appearing. If you go over to the site and look around, you don’t see anything out of place.

  8. @Jim Kukral, thanks so much for the great video! I’ll use it as an official tutorial.

    @Mary Grace Ignacio, bizSugar staff monitors all article submissions. Those that obviously don’t belong are removed. Those that are iffy remain for members to vote up or down. If an article gets too many “sour votes,” the system automatically removes the undesirable article.

  9. Hi Jim and John,

    Thank you for your replies.– And knowing from what you said John is really good. 🙂

  10. I’m finding these new videos so useful. What a great idea to introduce your readers to new sites and how to use them step by step. Love it! I’m gonna hop over to bizsugar and give it a whirl. Keep the videos coming!

  11. I used the bizSugar widget on my blog for a period of time. It is interesting to the increased amount of business sources.

  12. Jim this is great information, and I really like your demo. I had heard about bizSugar but just didn’t really give it a second thought until now. Thanks for giving me me that second look!

    Another place that people may want to check out is

    Thanks again!

  13. Is this another kind of a social networking website? Ooh, a lot are really sprouting like plants these days.