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Voila – The New Logo

You may recall that a few months back I involved you all in a logo re-design project. The subject logo was for another site I have big plans for, called “Selling to Small Businesses.”

At the time I had been using a free WordPress template and a text based site name — really didn’t have a logo at all.  The site looked pretty blah and like something that had been slapped up quickly (see image at left).

So I went to Logoworks and went through the design process there.  I also got input from the community here — over 114 comments on one of the posts alone [1].  When you count up the comments on all the different posts as well as the emails and Twitter messages I got, it was over 200 comments total!

After readers like you weighed in, the result was a professional-looking yet informal logo using a red paper clip graphic. The final logo met my needs because it:

I also got the site redesigned to match the new logo, and included some new interactive features.

Thank you SO MUCH for your input — what more can I say about all your help?

Please check out the new logo at Selling to Small Businesses [2].  What do you think?