’s New Listing Customization Features Released Today

Florida, USA / London, United Kingdom / Montreal, Canada (PRESS RELEASE – December 1, 2008)– The free global online directory that anyone can edit,, released today cutting edge new features that allow businesses, for the first time ever, to fully customize the way their business listings appear on screen. was already the first directory to move away from traditional ‘pigeon hole’ categorization in favor of tags (keywords) alone. Now, with its full listing customization offering, it has entered a class of its own within the online directory and local search arenas.

The new customization tools have been included as part of the enhanced listing fee – costing a negligible £11 or $22 per year.

“At last, all business listings don’t have to look the same!” says Marc Lyne, Founder of “With, through the use of rich media – like videos, images (such as your company logo), text descriptions and even embedded widgets in your listing – you can easily show the individuality and uniqueness of your business and make it stand out, helping to convert prospects into customers. You can even drag and drop page elements to change the layout of your listing to create the look and feel you want it to have, and the inbuilt wysiwyg text editor allows a choice of fonts, sizes, colours, and table layouts. All this for a negligible cost! Other directories can charge hundreds of dollars a year for nothing more than a sterile box listing that looks identical to everyone else’s with a fraction of the functionality that Brownbook offers.”

Brownbook’s new customization features allow users to:

– drag and drop page elements to change the layout of their page

– add photos, videos, logos, marketing information and more

– add external widgets, such as news feeds or a “MeeboMe” messenger widget that enables users to respond in real-time to sales enquiries

– re-use Brownbook features (like the listing’s Map or Reviews) as “Bidgets” (Business Widgets) elsewhere, such as on their own website or blog

“The release of Brownbook’s customization features gives users an extremely powerful new marketing tool, all for a negligible annual fee, introducing a new era for the online directory business,” concludes Marc.


Founded in 2008, is the world’s largest user-contributed keyword-based (rather than category-based) local business directory, with over 27 million businesses already listed in 230 countries. Any business is entitled to a free listing that includes their business name, address, contact telephone numbers, e-mail, website, VoIP, Instant Messenger and tags. Businesses can choose to pay a small annual fee (£11 or $22) to enhance their listing allowing the addition of photos, videos, widgets, detailed marketing information, and full customization, as well as priority in search results. Built upon the foundations of wiki-principles and collaborative production, transparency and openness between users, low- or no-cost services for businesses, totally self-service processes, and rewarding users, aims to be THE global business directory.

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