HumanConcepts Acquires Workforce Separation Software From Taleo

Sausalito, California (PRESS RELEASE – December 4, 2008) – HumanConcepts, the developer of OrgPlus, today announced that it had concluded an agreement to acquire Optimize, software used to manage workforce separations, from Taleo Corporation.

Optimize, which will be renamed ‘Transition Manager’, will be offered along with OrgPlus as a complete solution for managing corporate or departmental reorganizations or downsizing events. HumanConcepts will continue to develop Transition Manager to meet evolving customer requirements.

OrgPlus is used by thousands of large organizations to plan and budget for future workforce scenarios, including reorganizations and corporate mergers. Customers can now implement approved reorganization plans using Transition Manager to process all reductions in force, using an organization’s specific business rules, as well as best practices, to ensure that any layoffs are in accordance with all prevailing laws, union agreements and company policies. Transition Manager also takes into account performance, seniority, tenure, special skills and other complex factors that influence reduction and key employee retention decisions.

“The combination of OrgPlus and Transition Manager allows organizations to actually connect the dots between strategic intent and operational execution,” said Martin Sacks, CEO, HumanConcepts. “This is the first software solution that provides a framework for managing any corporate reorganization initiative. It is an essential toolkit for any CXO or HR executive.”

Using OrgPlus, customers are able to collaboratively create organizational scenarios to match business goals and constraints. Transition Manager then allows such plans to be processed in a manner that ensures consistency, transparency and compliance to assure and expedite the reorganization process. Transition Manager can help managers to make decisions quickly, to save significant costs in off-boarding, and to ensure standardized processes are followed company-wide.

“Transition Manager is a timely solution that many organizations should be considering right now to help with the reorganization process,” said Rick Fletcher, President, HRchitect, a leading talent management systems consulting firm. “Every organization is considering what their organization chart needs to look like to weather the current economic downturn, and many organizations are in the position where they have to reduce their workforces to match market realities.

Transition Manager’s key features include:

* Deployment of multi-event separations over time

* Standardized processes to identify and retain key talent

* Automatic generation of customized separation packages for each employee (based on parameters such as location, employee type, years of service, etc.)

* Automated voluntary separation process allows companies to easily identify an initial round of candidates

* Self service portal reduces administrations costs and allows employees to select the package most appropriate for their situation

* Dashboards and reports ensure that separation goals are met and that there are no unintended consequences (e.g. balancing gender and/or ethnicity ratios)

To learn more about Transition Manager, please register at for a complimentary webinar on December 16, 2008, at 10:00am PST/ 1:00pm EST.

Transition Manager Availability

Transition Manager is available directly from HumanConcepts at or by calling 1-888-821-1261 or 1-415-332-3030 (outside the US).

About HumanConcepts

HumanConcepts is the leading provider of workforce decision support software. With its OrgPlus technology charting over fifteen million employees for organizations worldwide, including 400 of the Fortune 500, HumanConcepts has defined best practices in workforce modeling and intelligence. OrgPlus empowers its users to proactively manage change, from departmental reorganizations to large scale mergers and acquisitions (M&A).

OrgPlus integrates with leading HCM and HR systems, including Oracle, SAP, PeopleSoft and Lawson to automatically create, update and distribute organizational charts for team collaboration, workforce planning and critical decision-making. In addition, OrgPlus seamlessly integrates with industry-leading applications such as Microsoft Office and Adobe Acrobat.

HumanConcepts is based in Sausalito, California with offices in the United Kingdom and Germany and offers OrgPlus software and services worldwide. For more information visit

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