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LeadCommander CRM 8.5 Marketing System Released

El Dorado Hills, CA (PRESS RELEASE – December 24, 2008) – DataBasix Technologies, an international supplier of real estate and business-to-business productivity software, today announced the release of LeadCommander CRM 8.5. Originally developed in 1993 as a real estate lead-generation, direct mail, marketing and contact management system, LeadCommander CRM 8.5 now combines E-mail marketing, time-released action plans and a residential marketing library with a call-capture telephone hotline system that is proven to help build the sales pipeline in tough economic conditions. Businesses that have successfully implemented the LeadCommander system include real estate companies, mortgage originators, investment firms, construction and home improvement contractors, doctor’s offices, insurance agencies, office equipment dealers, non-profit organizations, professional organizers, business consultants, college marketing departments and more.

LeadCommander CRM 8.5 system highlights:

“True” Marketing and Follow-up Architecture – Unlike typical CRMs and contact managers that are designed to work with contacts individually, LeadCommander 8.5 is designed to work with groups of contacts just as efficiently as it works with individual contacts, which is critical for lead-generation, prospecting and marketing. Because this functionality was engineered directly into the core design of LeadCommander 8.5, the benefits of this unique architecture are many, and include the ability to easily implement and simultaneously manage multiple marketing and follow-up campaigns, as well as track and monitor their effectiveness.

Unparalleled “Find” Capability – Quickly locates specific contacts or subset groups of contacts by any data field or combination of data fields. For example, when prospecting for new clients a user could easily find all contacts in the 90210 zip code that bought their properties more than 10 years ago and have E-mail addresses, but omit all contacts that are already designated as “clients”, and also omit contacts that are marked “do not mail.” A “Find” can also be saved for future use.

Time-Released “Action Plans” – Automate a series of related tasks for an individual contact or group of contacts. For example, a Real Estate agent can create Action Plans for farming and escrow closing activities; a salesperson might create Action Plans for sales cycles and client follow-up; while a Doctor might create Action Plans for specific medical treatments.

“E-Merge” – Send E-mail messages automatically personalized for each contact. When sending a message to a group of contacts, the message is automatically personalized for each contact, so your recipients don’t feel they’re just a number in a “CC:” list. Group messages can also be “dripped” so as not to trigger mail server message limits that are now commonplace among prominent ISPs.

Folder “Link” – Organize and link a prospect or customer contact record directly to a folder that contains photographs, spreadsheets, proposals, contracts or any files related to the specific contact record, even if those files were created in another program.

One-Number Call-Capture Telephone Hotline Integration – LeadCommander CRM works together with FreedomVoice telephone hotlines, which provide advanced voice extensions and voice mail which are ideal for any business including those with teams that are always on the go, or those that work from multiple locations such as a desk in the office, a cell phone, a home office, or even their boat. The system is equipped with more features than advanced office systems, yet requires no hardware, and is less expensive to use than a cell phone, which levels the playing field and provides even part-timers with the means to compete against large corporations. Callers can select from a menu of audio infomercials or utilize fax-back capability to obtain specific information such as property listings, loan packages or product descriptions 24 hours, seven days a week. An unlimited number of virtual extensions can be used to track and measure the success of specific advertising placements. All callers’ phone numbers and what they accessed during their calls are automatically captured and can be sent into the LeadCommander database for follow-up, even if the caller has Caller ID blocking or didn’t leave a message. Using LeadCommander together with Freedomvoice is proven to get customers easy in a tough economy.

Residential Marketing Library – Compiled by leading experts who owe their own successes to the use of these same materials, the included Marketing Library consists of more than 200 proven letters, postcards, checklists, marketing strategies and more.

Private Label Opportunities – LeadCommander 8.5 was designed specifically to accommodate integration of third-party marketing campaigns, strategies and materials for companies interested in quickly bringing to market private-label versions of a marketing system that’s already proven to increase sales and profitability for a variety of businesses.

LeadCommander is available in single-user and network versions. DataBasix Technologies’ products are sold worldwide by DataBasix, select value-added resellers and via private-label arrangements.

For more information, contact DataBasix Technologies at 877-532-3266 or via the internet at http://www.leadcommander.com.

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