QuickBooks Pro – Free One Day Only – $199 Value

Mountain View, CA (ANNOUNCEMENT – December 21, 2008) — This announcement is hot off the presses and was emailed to us from Intuit:

To help customers grow and run their small businesses Intuit will offer QuickBooks Pro 2009 for FREE at Staples stores on Monday, December 22, 2008. This promotion will help small businesses through tough economic times.



The regular price at Staples is $199.99. Customers will receive $40 in instant savings and, with a $159.99 mail-in rebate, they get QuickBooks Pro for FREE!

The offer is one day only; you can find the nearest Staples store at www.staples.com or buy online. 

Until supplies last.  No rainchecks.

To shop online, go to the Staples.com home page.  Look at top of the second from right column.  You will see a little green and blue box.  Click on the little red “Learn more” button in that box.

→ Note from Anita:  husband ordered it already this morning from Staples.  You do have to pay sales tax, but shipping is free.  And after you mail in the rebate the product itself will be free.  All in all — a really good deal.


Anita Campbell Anita Campbell is the Founder, CEO and Publisher of Small Business Trends and has been following trends in small businesses since 2003. She is the owner of BizSugar, a social media site for small businesses.

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  1. Thank you so much for this link!!!! With things so tight its difficult to breathe, this is a refreshing dose of oxygen. I am passing along info to my friends with yoru link.

    My link is to my sale approach article rather than webite.

  2. I’m glad to be able to pass along freebies like this — and especially glad to hear it helps you. 🙂

  3. Of course I just bought it about a week ago! This is a very generous offer and most people should take advantage of it. Thanks for the post Anita.


  4. Thanks a lot, Intuit.

    Corporate rip off alert.

    Spent $200 on QuickBooks — and now it’s a free program.

  5. Laura, hmmm, not sure how holding a one-day special constitutes a corporate rip off. I’ve often bought things only to learn they went on sale a week or two later. I consider it the luck of the draw.


  6. Thanks for the link. Any news on this being available within the UK today?

  7. LOL! I feel better now that I am NOT THE ONLY ONE who bought this very recently.

    CURIOUS: DO they ship to Canada? Staples.CA has no mention of the deal?

  8. It’s PC only (AGAIN!!)no Mac OS X 🙁

  9. No Mac version? WTF? same price as the Windoze version… just another instance of Intuit shafting the Mac community. How is it that their CEO is/was on the Apple board?

  10. Update:

    This is not available today in the U.K. or anywhere else — only in the U.S.

    Also, it is only for the PC version, not MAC version. MAC users on Twitter: you might ping http://twitter.com/QuickBooksMac. He’s an Intuit guy who works with the QuickBooks for MAC product. Let him know you’d like a special deal like this for MACs.


  11. No longer for sale on staples.com, out of stock

  12. All I can suggest is to call your local Staples store — see if they have it in stock.

  13. Quickbooks for Mac is dumb. Just plain dumb. No compatibility with anything. If you want to run quickbooks on a mac, you owe it to yourself to use bootcamp or parallels and quickbooks for PC.

    Therefore, this is actually a great deal. I’m a hardcore Mac enthusiast, and I’ve been using PC Quickbooks for coming up on two years. There is no other way to do it. Unless you really love cruddy second rate accounting software. Then Quickbooks for Mac is probably for you.

  14. this totally worked! I just got back from the Staples Store. They didn’t even know what I was talking about. but when it rang up.. BINGO! a receipt 2x as long as my arm also rang up with the $159 rebate information, the teller was all… um? This IS free!


  15. All gone at the online store :(((

  16. Sold out at 2:30PM today.

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