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Announcing The Launch Of Female Centered Newswire Service, LadyPR

Newark, N.J. (PRESS RELEASE – January 30, 2009) – Accession Public Relations announced today the launch of its female centered newswire service, LadyPR; the first online newswire distributor to specifically target women. LadyPR will help small and large companies deliver their press releases to women-based media both online and in print.

The news service, at the price of $75, offers potential customers the ability to distribute their releases via LadyPR.com and select which particular type of industries they want to target, further assisting companies in strategically targeting their products and services to the right media.

“With the economy in the shape it is in, companies are cutting their marketing budgets and using their limited resources to market strategically and effectively. According to FastCompany.com women account for over 80% of consumer purchases making them the most influential decision makers when it comes to buying products or services,” says co-founder and CEO, Sherrell Dorsey. “Our distribution service, not unlike that of Black PR Wire, PR Newswire or Business Wire, serves a niche market to help companies diversify their marketing strategy.”

LadyPR separates itself from other traditional newswire distributors by adding substantial value for each customer when they distribute their release. In addition to their release being sent to over 3,000 media outlets, press releases will also featured in the AccessionPR.com/newsroom and RSS feed to optimize search engine visibility. Customers will also have the benefit of receiving a tracking report of the publications that opened their release within the first 24 hours.

About Accession Public Relations

Accession Public Relations is a boutique, technology driven public relations firm based in New Jersey, offering expertise in brand development and awareness for nonprofit organizations and small businesses. Visit www.AccessionPR.com for more information.

About LadyPR

LadyPR is the first women centered newswire service distributing press releases to women based media both online and in print. To learn more log on to http://www.LadyPR.com.

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